A Slice of...San Francisco!

for my new blog feature

This week I'm excited to feature my friend Mari, who is telling us all about her wonderful city of San Francisco! I've known Mari forever and ever, all the way back to our old livejournal days, and I've always adored her. Mari is a wonderful person in and out, and I had a great time reading through her submission, and I know you will all enjoy it too! And if you get a moment, pop over and say hi to her via Twitter!

{a lovey little map of the San Francisco 'hoods by Wendy MacNaughton; view from Baker Beach at dusk}

Everyone has this one single moment in San Francisco - your eyes meet something or someone and it becomes your city. My heart was stolen the moment I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and I know I'll never get it back. This place is simply intoxicating and my words, photos and descriptions will never do it justice, as it means so much to so many people. I could write about the little things in every neighborhood for days on end. How around every corner lies a new treasure. This city packs so much in it's tiny 7X7 space and it's such an honor to be able to write about my San Francisco.

I'm Mari, a 29 year old living every day to it's fullest. I'm a mommy, a yogi, a cupcake enthusiast, and a lover of all things beautiful. Here are my top 5 places/things in the lovely San Francisco. (note: I started with a top 37)

{Palace of Fine Arts}

Beautiful right? I figured this would be the best place to start. The moment I laid eyes on this magnificent structure I went through so many emotions. I cried, I laughed, I stood in awe. It's right in the middle of a neighborhood, and on any given weekend you can find families picnicing on the lawn, couples exchanging wedding vows, an ice cream man, children chasing ducks. It's where I went when my father died, it's where I go to collect my thoughts, it's where I go to remind myself how grand life really is.

{Flora Grubb}

Paradise. Flora Grubb is the mecca of fancy garden space. Who knew it was possible to make gardening to hip? This place is absolutely spectacular. Get a cup of ritual coffee, browse through latest issue of dwell, and be amazed at the the vertical gardens.


Breakfast is my weakness and Zazie is my go-to spot. Yes, the wait is so long you feel like you're waiting with the entire Cole Valley neighborhood, but it's well worth it. My favorite? French Toast Tahiti with caramelized bananas and walnuts. It's heaven on a plate - trust me.

{Ferry Building Farmers Market}

Fruits, vegetables, flowers, breads, meats, eggs, herbs! This is by far my favorite farmers market in the bay area. It's open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and each season brings something new and fresh. It gets crowded, so I tend to be an early bird to avoid the masses. Added bonus - Miette. It's the most perfect little pastry shop inside the Ferry Building. Macaroon anyone?

{Dolores Park}

Dolores Park has the most breathtaking views of the city. On warm summer nights it hosts movies in the park and on scorching summer days it's so packed you can rarely find a piece of grass to sit on, let alone a place to park. It's a lovely place to people watch, to picnic, to lay on a blanket and just simply be.

Oh, San Francisco. You have my heart. You inspire me in ways I never knew possible.

Honorable Mention: Shopping on Valencia, Bi-Rite creamery, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Mission Taquerias. I could go on forever.

"San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal. That is the whole truth."

- William Saroyan