Celebrities you find oddly attractive...

Oh, Twitter. So tonight I posed this question:

My answer was none other than Lil Wayne.

And yes, I called him "Little Wayne." Whatever. One day if I ever was to meet him I'm sure I'd over-annunciate the "Lit-tle" anyway and sound pretty ridiculous. I'm not really sure why I find him attractive, there's just something about him I find strangely adorable.

SO...the conversation over on Twitter was AMAZING and it was so fun to see who everyone picked. It was hard though to keep everyone's crushes straight with all of the replies, so I thought I'd move the fun over here so we can all check out the responses! So now I ask you...do you have any surprising or odd celebrity crushes? Do tell in the comments below!

No judgment at all! :)

And if it makes you feel any better, you can even add Eminem to my list (NOT the overweight Eminem in a sweatsuit, more so the early and current Eminem). ha.