Delicious baked ziti (and some chicken-less chicken too)!

I have a not-so-healthy recipe to share with all of you today. It may not be the most waist-friendly dish, but it's the perfect recipe if you are craving a bit of comfort food and want to indulge! We usually eat this dish around the holidays, and my Mom always makes it for Hank at Thanksgiving as a another option outside of his customary Tofurkey. I made it this weekend for a family dinner, and as usual, it was a hit! There are multiple ways to make it healthier- less cheese, whole wheat noodles, adding tons of veggies, etc...but this time I made the full-fat version in all of its cheesy goodness.

Here's what you'll need to make this SUPER easy dish:

1 box/bag of penne pasta
1 jar sauce
1 15-16 oz. container of ricotta cheese
1 egg
1 regular sized bag of mozzarella cheese
spices to taste- oregano, sea salt, basil, etc.

1) Preheat oven to 350.
2) Cook pasta
3) In a small bowl, mix the ricotta cheese and one egg.

4) Spread about half of the ricotta cheese and a third of the jar of sauce in the bottom of a deep baking dish.
5) Add about 1/2 of the noodles on top.

6) Next, layer as followed: mozzarella cheese, sauce, rest of the ricotta cheese, rest of the noodles, rest of the sauce, mozzarella cheese. Don't forget to add your choice of spices as you go.

7) Cover the dish with tinfoil and bake for 50-55 minutes, taking the tinfoil off the during the last 5 minutes of cooking to give the top a nice crispy, cheesy layer. Baking times may vary a bit, so just be sure that the middle is hot. One way to tell is to see if the ziti is slightly bubbling. That's always a good indicator.

I forgot to take photos of the finished dish before I served it, but rest assured it was delicious! Tonight Hank wanted to enjoy the leftovers, so I heated him up Gardein's Chick'n Good Stuff marinara and vegan cheese stuffed "chicken." Hank LOVES this stuff, and anything from this brand, so he was happy. Basically it's s piece of breaded vegetarian chicken, stuffed with marinara sauce and Daiya vegan cheese...AND there's 22g of protein per piece! Check out their website by clicking here- after the jump you'll discover a million of their delicious products, tons of ideas, and a lot of nutritional information! I really feel like some of their dishes would fool a meat eater, so if you're looking for a family friendly veggie dish, or just something a bit healthier than all of the scary meat on the market today, Gardein products are such a good choice.
The lighting in our kitchen tonight was really, really bad, but here's Hank's meal (leftover ziti and Gardein chick'n). Doesn't it look like real chicken?

Have you tried Gardein products? If so, which are your favorite? Next I am excited to try their Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick'n. It looks amazing!