Friday afternoon prettiness

Here's to fun art and a beautiful weekend!

1. I love this fabulous Margot Tenenbaum print from Stanley Chow: (also be sure to take a peek at his Mad Men and Bill Murray prints too. Love.)

2. And this amazing Sylvia Plath paper doll set from Le Lapin Triste on Etsy. I bought this for my friend Erin last year for Christmas and posted about it then, but so much time has passed I just had to share it one more time! The oven is such a morbidly perfect touch.

3. Oh, Marisol Spoon. One day when we have a little girl I am going to fill her nursery with tons and tons of art like this. There's something so enchanting about this particular print to me too- pretty girl, teacup, and a ship? Perfect.

4. "Lengthening" by Angela Stasio. Just awesome.

5. And finally, Evan B. Harris. I love everything he creates and I think his painting are just so beautiful. There's such an air of sadness around them, but overall they make me happy, somehow. I hope you like them too. Here are some of my favorites: