Henry's birthday, in photos

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all of those super sweet comments on Henry's birthday post. I read every single word, and it completely warmed my heart to feel so much love. Henry is one lucky little boy to have so many people all over the world send such kind sentiments his way. So thank you, thank you! I'll be posting Henry's birth story next week, but I thought I would share some of the photos that were snapped on the best day of my life- November 22, 2010. Enjoy!

Room 1010
Room 1010

upon our arrival...if I only knew what was in store for me! ;)

it took 1 hour+ to get this bad boy in
it took 1 hour to get this in :/

heading down the hall to my emergency c-section
after 9 hours of natural labor...2+ hours of pushing...there I go for an emergency C-section


tired after a long journey

in awe

happy birthday, sweet boy!
Happy birthday sweet boy!

Henry III and Henry IV :)

so amazing
love my darling boy


Daddy and son

our beautiful son, I can't even believe that we made this little human


Mama and baby

heading home, 48 hours later
going home, 48 hours later!

already a charmer

Daddy driving his little family home
driving us home

ahh I love him.