I love...me!

image via weheartit

Happy Friday! I thought today would be a great day for a little positivity and self-love. So often in the blogging world we make lists; lists of things we find beautiful, inspiring photographs, other blogs we admire. It isn't quite as common to think about what we appreciate about ourselves. Some days it can be a little harder than others to look at yourself and say, "hey, I love you, I love this, I love that!" but it's always great to find even one thing you really adore, from the large and broad (I really like that I am kind to everyone around me), to the small and particular (I love the freckles sprinkled across my nose).

So, in the comments, go ahead and list one thing you love about YOURSELF! Feel free to post as yourself, or anonymously. And if your initial reaction is that this is a silly, cheesy, maybe awkward thing to do, just do it anyway. I promise, it's good for your soul to experience some good, old-fashioned self-appreciation. I'll start:

I really love that I have a lot of drive to get things done, whether it be fitness or just a regular old to-do list. I love my motivation in life.

Now, it's your turn. I can't wait to scroll through a list of amazing traits we all love about ourselves. Talk about uplifting!

Have a wonderful weekend!