Morning ritual

It's been about a week since I've been at home, but I've already found the happiest of morning rituals to enjoy. For the first couple of days it was weird to not go to work; it's amazing how wonderfully strange it feels to look at the clock and think "right now I'd be doing this," when instead you're doing something completely different. It's also incredibly neat that any day now this morning schedule will be gone, and another will take its place. And that one...I have NO idea about! But currently, this is what my mornings have been looking like:

I wake up quite early with my handsome husband, make him breakfast, and see him off to work.

After he leaves, I sit down and enjoy a good breakfast while I read blogs, answer emails, plan our evening's dinner/check out recipes, and catch up on the news.

After breakfast I've been lacing up my sneakers and heading out for a nice, long walk through our neighborhood. It's beautiful here and since we live at a high elevation the mountain air is crisp and clean.

After the walk I come home and play with this little lady for awhile.

Then I'll make some tea, and curl up with a book in bed until lunchtime.

So, this is definitely my pre-baby relaxation morning ritual. I can't imagine if every morning was like this...but it would be quite nice I suppose! I'm looking forward to it changing any day though, and it will be interesting to see what my mornings look like then. No baby to a baby is a whole new world, and as scary as it seems, I/we are so ready! Tomorrow is my due date so I'm just hoping Henry will naturally arrive sooner than later. Come onnnn, baby!