playlist for a relaxing Monday morning!

Good morning Monday, good morning readers and friends, and good morning to maybe-possibly the week I give birth to our son! Pretty fun to think about. Yesterday was one of the most relaxing days I've had in a long, long time. Sometimes I find it hard to just stop doing and going...and just sit and take time for me. Yesterday though, I found it really easy. I slept in until 10am which is rare for me, and then I proceeded to lay in bed and read a new book on my Kindle for hours and hours- literally all day long, with cat naps thrown in here and there. I decided to indulge in one of my "guilty-pleasure" authors, Nicholas Sparks, and read The Guardian. I didn't know anything about it, except that one of my former students enjoyed it, so I ordered it and began to read. Talk about a surprise. This book is definitely not what I expected, and if you know anything about Nicholas Sparks you know that most of his books are in the vein of one of his most popular novels-turned-movie, The Notebook. This book is NOT like that at all, and by chapter 3 and I was totally creeped out. I've definitely been enjoying the book, but from the beginning I was on the edge of my seat and totally weirded out by the character of Richard. I kept on reading all day long, (then broke my relaxation for a workout and to make chili) and now my lovely Kindle informs me I have a mere 30% of the book left. I am definitely going to finish it this morning and I'm beyond curious to see where it no spoilers in the comments if you've read it!

Outside of the creepy book though, I really and truly enjoyed a relaxing day. So in the spirit of that, I decided to share a playlist of more low key music for all of you on this Monday morning. If you're in the get-up-and-go kinda mood, maybe come back later tonight...but if you want a slow start and a calm air to your day, perk up those ears and enjoy! Either way, have the happiest morning, noon, and night. Lots of love!

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