Saturday in photos

Today was a good, busy day. I probably should be resting more than I am, but my energy levels have been great, so I figure we may as well get things done while I'm feeling up to it. It's still hitting me that when tomorrow (Sunday) arrives I won't have that normal Sunday evening stress of thinking about the weekend ending and going back to work. I think no matter how much I've loved any job I've ever had, I've always felt that way come Sunday evening. It's kind of bizarre not to have that now. It's hard for me to express this without repeating myself a million times, but this is the weirdest time of my life. We've been anticipating Henry for so, so long. Close to a year. I've counted down from hundreds of days to now, when I have just a handful to go. Everyday I try to wrap my mind around the fact that today I could meet our son, or at the most within a week or two. I'm sure my mama-readers know what I mean, but this waiting period is one of the most interesting, anticipatory, strange experiences I've ever had. When will I go into labor? When will our son be born? Tonight? Tomorrow? The unknown is fascinating.

But like I said, today was great. One of Hank's good friends Matt is in town for the weekend, so he spent the night last night and it made me so happy that Hank got to have some serious guy time. He's a non-drinker so his idea of "partying" is eating ice cream and watching Seinfeld episodes. I love it. And it's so cool we have a good group of friends who see things in the same way as us. It was a fun night, and in the morning we got up and lounged around for a bit, then all went to Hugo's for lunch. I ate WAY too much and as I finished my huge burrito I knew it was a very bad decision! Oops. My Mom told me though that before she delivered me she ate a whole pizza (!!) so perhaps I can use that as an excuse. I've never been able to finish a burrito from Hugo's before but today was my day I guess. And in turn today was also my day to feel a little sick for most of the afternoon! ha. Then following Hugo's we did a ton of errands and then did some work around the house. I'm feeling accomplished and glad my to-do list has been completed with not much more to do other than get our car seat checked tomorrow and wait around for the little guy to make his grand entrance. So...Henry, whenever you want to arrive, we are ready!

Here are photos from today:

running into school to pick up a few things, my old room number- good old #408, and imagining our little guy sitting in this very car seat. I rode in the back of my car so long-legged Matt could sit up front, and it was neat to think about H. sitting back there, hanging out. I'm getting so excited.

Hank's new toy case- I love it, the huge burrito I ingested, and Hank installing a dimmer in Henry's room. It was his first time doing anything electrical and I'm proud of him for figuring it out. We are learning so much through this first-time experience of owning a home (I think we go to Lowe's at least once a weekend), but it's pretty neat to do things ourselves and learn as we go.

we finished hanging pictures in the guest room hallway, Hank had a Golden Eye party tonight with the guys (aka super boring time for me- I really don't like video games), and I found some cute Russian doll stuff at Cost Plus/World Market. Besides that set of plates (3 for $20), they had salt/pepper shakers, place holders, napkin rings, and numerous other dinnerware type items too.

Hank and Matt at lunch today

annnd, me this afternoon! 39 weeks, 2 days. Ready to pop!

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a fun breakfast date with Hank- and this could actually be our last Sunday "alone," which is pretty monumental. Today in a short-lived, overly-emotional state I did get a tiny bit sad for a second thinking about how everything we've known for the past six plus years of our life is going to change in an instant, but at the same time everything- however different it may be- is going to be SO much more beautiful and better with our darling boy here.

Well sweet friends, I hope all of you had the loveliest Saturday. Here's to an amazing Sunday as well, full of rest and relaxation! xoxo

ps. I also wanted to say THANK YOU so, so much for all of those super sweet comments on my 39-week update post! I feel so repetitive replying back "thank you" to every person in a separate comment, so I just wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate every single supportive word you all wrote. It means so much to me and it warms my heart to feel all of that kindness in each remark and comment. Really, thank you! Also, I never know if people go back and check my answers to their questions via the comments, so if you have a specific question I will answer you pretty quickly via Twitter or also via email. Just a little FYI. :)