Guest post from Erin/Happy Owl!

Today's special guest feature is from my long-time blog buddy Erin. Many of you may know Erin, and if you do, you probably know her as I do: a kind-hearted, bright-spirited mama, wife, and friend to all. Erin and her beautiful family live in Alaska, and since I've met her, I've never ceased to be amazed by her zest for life! It's truly inspiring. I'm so happy to host Erin here today, and I hope all of you show her a little love, and hop over to her blog and say hello!

Hi everyone! I'm Erin from Happy Owl. Not only am I overwhelmingly excited about Danielle and Hank welcoming their first little man into the world but I am thrilled to be able to share a guest post with you today.

There is so much change happening these days; politically, personally and professionally, everyday, all around us. So I thought it would be fun for us to focus a bit on dreams today. Not the ones we have once our heads finally reach the pillow but the dreams that we dare to fulfill each day.

Are you a dreamer? A risk taker, a passionate person who preservers through adversity?

I have heard time and time again people say, "with this economy I can't afford to live my dreams." And when I hear that I get so sad. My husband and I took a risk as most of you know by moving to Alaska. Without any assurance or concrete plans, we forged ahead with our dreams to live life bigger and better than we did before.

Do you dare to be a dreamer too? Make your dreams become a reality?

Whether it be the dream to stay at home and raise your children,

source: cup of jo

Host a dinner in an amazing place,

source: cup of jo

Or be that lovely whimsical couple that thousands of readers adore.

Whether your dreams are big or small, overwhelming or not. Live them, dream them and share them with us below. I would love to hear what you have to say. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!! :)

xo Erin