Henry: Week 2

family photo, 12/5

Another week down, a lifetime to go, and it truly gets better everyday! At the same time, it's also gotten harder while getting conversely easier, if that makes any sense. My Mom had been staying with us since Henry was born, and she left this weekend. It was very, very hard on Hank and me. My Mom is my best friend, and Hank is incredibly close with her- he considers her a Mom as well, and it's hard that my family lives hours away. While she was here she helped us with Henry in every way. Neither of us has had much baby experience, so it was so incredibly convenient to have a veteran mama around to show us the ropes. I can be a bit of an alarmist (is that normal? is he okay?), so it was good to have her around to say, "Yes, he is perfectly fine and that is totally normal, don't worry." So yes, when she left this weekend it was emotionally tough, but I'm doing much better now. Today is actually my very first day on my own, no Mom and no Hank, and we are doing a-okay!

This weekend was a lot of fun though, outside of the whole Mom-leaving thing. We had a few visitors over and Henry was an angel. Both Friday and Saturday night though he was up all night, so we barely got any sleep...but then last night he slept for 3 three-hour blocks so I am feeling pretty rested this morning. As soon as he wakes up from his little nap we are going to head out on a walk around the neighborhood (another first on my own), and I'm excited for some fresh air!

Even though it's only been a week since my last Henry update, I do feel like a bit has changed with him. He seems more responsive for sure, and he looks different than he did even a week ago. His belly button still hasn't fallen off- I'm assuming it will be any moment by the looks of it, and I can't wait to start him doing some tummy time. Right now we still spend time on the floor, but on his back or side, and I can't get enough of laying next to him. He'll just stare into my eyes and it melts my heart in the best kind of way. He smiles a lot too, and although everyone says it's just gas I know he's really just the happiest baby alive and is really and truly smiling right at me! ;)

A couple of people have asked about Madeline, and how she is doing with the baby. As far as getting her ready to meet Henry, we did have my sister bring one of his hospital blankets home the first night for Madeline. She actually ended up bringing it into her bed and sleeping with it all night, which I thought was adorable! A day later when we brought Henry home Madeline was as gentle as could be, with her only issue being over-curiosity, which I expect to be very normal. As the week went on she calmed down a lot with the sniffing and wanting to lick every inch of Henry, and now I'd even say she's a bit protective over him in a subtle way. When I'm nursing him in bed, she will lay at the foot of it and keep watch, it's adorable. I'd say she's doing very, very well and I'm proud of her. Madeline is generally a calm, sweet pup though so I wasn't ever worried, but it is a relief to have had the whole introduction go so well.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and before I go, here are some photos from this weekend:

Andrew, Hank, Dustin and Henry


Andrew! :)

Uncle Dustin's back from tour!

Uncle Dusty

and a quick little video from last week that I forgot to share...the yawn kills me every time!