Henry: Week 3

This week was a lot of fun!  Our pediatrician was out sick, so Henry's 2-week appointment was rescheduled for today, which I'm looking forward to.  Have I mentioned how much we love our doctor?  Because we do.  She's such a wonderful person and I'm so happy that we were referred to her.  I really like her attitude, and the fact that she has stressed that she is here to support us- she even called the three of us "Team Henry." haha.  You have got to love that.

After having some sleep troubles during week two, Henry has been doing a lot better sleeping in about 3-hour blocks like he was during week one.  Some nights are better than others, but for the most part he's been pretty consistent with being able to get back to sleep after he eats without crying.  So he basically wakes up, I change him, feed him, burp him, and put him back down.  During week two there were some nights where I got about two hours of sleep due to him not being able to fall back asleep at all so I'm glad things have turned around a bit, although I know that things can and will change as time goes on both for better and worse depending on the night! This week Henry also lost his belly button stub (on December 8th to be exact!).  I have to admit I was oddly emotional and sad about it, because I kept thinking about how that was our connection when he was in the womb...and when it fell off it was kind of the end of that, symbolically.  Overly emotional, I know...but it was a little sad for me. Another first was our first official outing with Henry- we went to Hugo's and picked up dinner, and also went food shopping.  It was a little nerve-wracking to take him out and about, but I'm glad we did and I'm starting to feel more comfortable with it.

Yesterday the little guy also had his first photo shoot with the wonderful Christopher Marchetti in downtown Prescott.  He's the BEST and I can't wait to see our photos when we get our disc on Tuesday.  Our main objective was to get some shots of Henry that we could use for our birth announcements and to also document his tiny, sweet self.  He shot some with Hank and I in them too, and I'm curious to see how they turned out.  I'm looking forward to doing a shoot with H. every 6 months or so- I think seeing his growth in this way will be great.

Other than that, not too much else has been going on.  Henry is getting bigger everyday and we are already noticing so many little changes.  Now when he's sleeping on our chest during the day he grasps at us more and almost holds on as he sleeps.  He also seems to recognize our voices a lot more.  He's still a champ at breastfeeding, even though we introduced a pacifier during the night if he gets fussy.  Henry actually doesn't even like the pacifier that much and will only take it every once and awhile.  I was nervous about introducing it, but I am glad that we did because I feel like it gives him an occasional way to self-soothe when he needs it.

It's wild to me that he will be one month old in a week.  Thinking that I gave birth three weeks ago is a little crazy too- I feel like I've already forgotten so many details and even a bit of the pain if that's even possible.  I'm just glad I wrote out my birth story when I did!  And speaking of birth and the first few weeks- I am just finalizing a "must have" post for all my mama-to-be friends, and I'll be publishing that within the next couple of days!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday. 

Happy 3 weeks, sweet Henry!  I love you.

not stoked.
not stoked.

I adore this photo.
father and son

reindeer butt!
reindeer butt!

tiny fingers
little hand

Friday night
Friday night

at our photoshoot yesterday
at Henry's newborn shoot

Henry's first Hugo's trip! Hank, Henry, Eric and Tino.  We have to go in this week and have Manuel meet him too.
first trip to Hugo's