Henry: Week 4

2010 family photo :)

Happy one month, Henry!  It's hard to believe that four whole weeks ago I gave birth to our little guy.  I've already forgotten so much about the whole experience and now I understand how women are able to go through birth more than once. My experience was pretty crazy, yet my mind has already seemed to glaze over all of the painful parts and really just focus on the outcome. It's funny how the mind works! 

This month has been absolutely amazing.  I've written about this a lot since he's been here, but I love being a Mom.  I adore everything about it- my heart has grown immensely over these past weeks and it's truly the best feeling in the world. As far as H.'s progress, his 2-week appointment was pushed to about 3 weeks, and at that point he'd already gained almost three pounds and grew an inch!  I'm so happy breastfeeding is going so well.  We may try and introduce a bottle soon (with pumped milk) so I can have a bit of a break from time to time and get more than 3 hours of sleep, which will be really nice.  Plus, I think it will be great for Hank to feed him and bond with him in that way.  As far as changes- there's a LOT!  It seems like he grows and changes every single day.  The biggest change is how much more alert and aware he is.  Now he can focus on things, move his head and eyes to follow objects, and he really responds to my voice.  He has a lot of strength in his neck and can hold it up for long periods of time too. Before little toys and rattles didn't do much of anything, but now he really can look at these things and notice them- it's pretty neat.  He's outgrown all of his newborn clothes and is now into 0-3 months.  It's funny because like his Dad, he's too long for the smaller items but they fit him width wise.  He's a tall, skinny baby with my round cheeks. At our last appointment he was in the 75th percentile for length and the 60th percentile for weight, so I he's not too skinny- it's just funny that his long legs are busting out of all the smaller pajamas with feet even though everywhere else fits!  The doctor estimated that he would be well over 6 feet, but you never know since it's so early.  I don't put much stock into that, but she said based on his measurements now and the size of his hands, feet and the long, long length of his limbs and torso, she thinks she's pretty right on!  We'll see.  It'll be funny to have a husband and a son who tower over me.

As far as my workout and getting my pre-baby body back, I'm still not cleared for hard workouts (not until 6 weeks), but I've been walking almost everyday and I've been to the gym a couple of times to do cardio.  When I returned to the gym for the first time last week I was so excited.  I miss it so much and I'm looking forward to getting in some good workouts.  I definitely still don't look like my "old" self, and really, I don't care too much.  I'm happy, and I'm focusing on Henry and being a Mom. I know that with my consistently healthy diet and my return to my normal workouts in a couple of weeks I will feel even better and the weight will come off in time.  There's no rush.  As far as the whole post c-section recovery, I feel 100% and I have felt this way for some time.  I'm very grateful I had such an easy recovery and I don't mind at all that I have to get a c-section next time!  And yes, many of you have asked- there will be a next time!  Crazy to think about now for sure, but one day, yes!

This past weekend we also took a trip down to Phoenix so Henry could meet his Great-Grandma and we could spend time with everyone.  He also got to meet our dear family friend Rhonda and also my best friend Sarah- his Auntie Suki.  It was such a good time and totally got me into the holiday spirit.  This will be Henry's first Christmas, and it's so exciting to think about all of the holidays and celebrations to come.  Even though he is just a newborn, all of these festivities are a hundred times more fun with a baby around, and next Christmas when he's a year old will be amazing.  I can't wait!  Well...I CAN wait, haha, but it's exciting to look to the future.

Here are a few photos from the week- enjoy!

little hand...

and little feet


Auntie Sar and Henry!
my best friend Sarah/Henry's Auntie

oh that face!

baby wearing at Trader Joe's!
nothing's more attractive than a baby wearing Daddy!

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