Links to love!

Happy Monday everyone!  Here are some links to start your week off right:

I love ideas for meals- especially lunches when I was working- and one of my favorite blogs has provided us with two lengthy inspirational post here and here.  Love this so much.

Kate Spade has joined the baby bag boom and has produced a line of super cute diaper toting satchels.  I'm impartial to the Splodge Dot Randi.  Pricey, but if you want to splurge then these are fun options!

My friend Danielle is sending her blog readers Valentines!  Such a cute and lovely idea.

I love this DIY.  We have about ten similar gold frames hanging out in our garage that are begging to be turned into something beautiful. I think one of them may go this way.

The concept of paying it forward is a good one, and I've had this post bookmarked for inspiration since December.

My sweet pal Liz never ceases to make me smile with her posts. I love this one- cute outfit, a fun lunch date, and an awesome bike. What's not to love?

Being post c-section I found this article about postpartum exercises really interesting.

You all were curious about more quinoa recipes- try this site for about a million!

I sent this link to one of my best friends Erin the other day.  I knew she'd love all of the awesome, creepy prints and maybe you will too!

Here's a movie of a dinner and a movie (yup, you read that right) on my friend Jess' blog.

I love this homemade hair mask recipe. Definitely going to try it this week.

Earlier this week I guest-posted on my pal Mandi's blog, but did you scroll through and read the rest of the posts in the Catching Confetti series? They are SO good and inspiring.  I also found a couple new blogs to love.

Today was Day One in this darling blogger's "40 Days to a Physical and Spiritual Revolution."  You go girl! ;)

Have a great week!