My top newborn must-haves, V.2

It's been awhile since I posted my first newborn must-haves, and it's funny how much Henry has changed over the past two months.  I took this video two days ago and I was so happy that he actually smiled for the camera!  I feel like he will do it all day long, but the second I pull out the Flip Cam or my camera the smile gets put away.  I'm so excited that I finally captured one.

But, back to the list!  Now that we've had our little guy here for two months, I feel like I've learned a LOT more about what works for us, and what doesn't.  So, here's my next group of items (numbers 1-7 can be located here).

8) Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper

We started out with Henry sleeping exclusively in his pack 'n play, right next to our bed.  At around two weeks Henry started to become very fussy, but only at night.  The only way he would sleep for more than an hour or two was if he slept on my chest, or next me.  I know that a lot of parents co-sleep, and even though this worked SO WELL for us, I was terrified of something happening.  I looked around online, and when I came across this wonderful product I was sold.  It goes right in your bed, and you get to reap all of the benefits of co-sleeping, without the fear of rolling over, blankets suffocating your baby, etc.  Now again, I know that some parents choose to have their baby sleep right next to them, cuddled up, and I WISH I could do this, but I am just too much of a worry wart.  So this sleeper was a great option.  The walls are mesh, so even if Henry pushes his face into the side he is able to breath, and it keeps air circulating.  It also has a metal frame to protect the baby from being rolled onto.  From the first night we got it, Henry has slept so, so well.  He's a lot closer than being in the pack 'n play, which makes middle of the night nursing easier, and overall this just works for us.  So, if you're tight on space, or even tight on money and can't afford a larger sleeper (like a pack 'n play) this would be a great option!  If you're like me and are paranoid but still want to have your baby close by, this is also wonderful.  And, as an added bonus, it folds up to be super small, so it's great for traveling.  We go down to Phoenix a lot and this has been a lifesaver.  Henry loves it, and we love it too!  This is absolutely at the top of my must-haves, right under the Snuza.

9) California Baby products

Henry has sensitive skin, like his mama, so we have to be careful what we use.  The very best product we've tried thus far has been from the California Baby line- the Super Sensitive Shampoo and Bodywash.  You guys, it smells SO GOOD. All caps because if you were next to me I'd be yelling that. ;)  But really, it's amazing.  It's free of toxins, dyes, sulfates, you name it.  Buy it here.

And on the subject of baby products- we recently tried the Baby Balm courtesy of Mountain Girl Soap and Sundries.  This was sent to us by the company to try, and I wouldn't ever recommend it unless we truly liked it...which we definitely do!  It's an all-natural, vegan, and the ingredients are simple and nourishing- no petroleum or synthetics. Awesome.

10) activity mat

I wasn't sure if we would wait awhile to get one of these, but my sister got Henry one for Christmas and he loves it so much.  It's a nice little change of pace for him during the day, and he really loves to look up at all of the fun jungle animals.  Recently he's begun to try and grab the various objects too! We also do tummy time on the mat, so it's kind of double duty.

11) Boppy
In my last list, I was all about the Brest Friend Pillow.   Now that Henry is a bit bigger I've moved into using the Boppy a lot more.  I think the Brest Friend was imperative for me in the beginning- the Boppy just wouldn't have worked post c-section, but now that I am really comfortable with breast feeding, the Boppy is just easier to grab and use (there aren't any clips or straps), and more comfortable too.  When we have our next baby I will still use the Brest Friend again in the beginning, but the Boppy has been my pillow of choice lately.  Plus, I often use it to prop Henry up on the couch or during tummy time so it's more convenient for me to have around.

12) this one isn't an item...but I think a must-have would be the idea of really being gentle on yourself, especially if you are a first-time Mom.  You will be a crazy mess of emotions after you deliver.  I cried at the drop of a hat and I went from being super happy to being sad about all sorts of things- Henry was already growing too fast (keep in mind he was two days old), I didn't think I was a good Mom, the list went on.  But after about three or four days I felt like my "normal" self, and I didn't feel weepy and overly-emotional.  Perhaps it was a touch of postpartum, or maybe it was just my hormone levels regulating, but be prepared to feel a rush of all sorts of things.  Perhaps yours will manifest like mine, or go your own way, but I'm sure most new Moms feel this.  Be easy on yourself. It's normal to feel like you don't know what to do, how to do it, or how on Earth you are going to manage to keep on doing it.  In the beginning there were times when I was getting up every hour, not getting any rest, and at times felt pretty hopeless that I was even doing a good job.  Mix in extreme lack of sleep, recovery from a major surgery in some cases, and trying to do something you've never done before, and it can be a really tough combination.  Just remember that it does get better, and you are not alone in feeling a little lost, or a little down. Just be sure to talk to someone about it.  And remember how amazing you are...and what an amazing thing you've accomplished! :)

So, this is my second list of newborn must-haves.  As Henry grows and as we try new and different products and items I will be sharing them along the way!  Thanks for reading and have the best morning.