A reminder for myself, and maybe for you too!

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I've always known this, maybe more than others, because it's a nasty little habit of mine to feel like I want everyone in my life to be happy.  Over the years though, I've learned that those who try and please everyone please no one, including themselves.  In blogging or creating this is an especially important lesson; whether you have a new blog or you've been blogging forever, it's easy to fall into the trap of wanting to make everyone happy.  You do this though, and it's a surefire way to one, totally hate what you're creating, and two, probably kind of dislike yourself because you're running around ragged trying to gain approval.

The longer I blog the more I realize that I have to keep doing what I love.  Whether I have five readers or five thousand, there is no way to make everyone happy, and I hope I never fall into trying to do so.  Talk about exhausting!  I didn't start this space for everyone else, I started it for me!  Somewhere along the way I've picked up many friends who enjoy this space (and many who don't, too!) and in that big number lies thousands of different people with different interests, likes and dislikes.

I was reminded of this when I put my survey out yesterday.  For those who missed it, I asked six questions: how long you've been a reader, how you found this blog, what time you typically visit, likes, dislikes, and suggestions.  The first three questions' answers were what I was aiming to learn more about, and I was hesitant to ask the more open-ended ones because although I value everyone's opinion, I wasn't planning on changing anything to suit anyone in particular. I was more just curious to see what people thought, and I sure got a lot of thoughts! The results came rolling in very quickly, and it was so interesting to read through all the comments. I found the answers to the likes and dislikes questions the most fascinating, and those two sections were what prompted me to write this entry.

On one line, someone would say how much they loved Tattoo Tuesday, on another, how they hated it and wished I would stop it right this moment.  Someone else said I post too many photos, another, not enough.  Further down the page: I don't write enough personal posts; my posts are too long and wordy.  I'm too happy, I seem fake, or my blog was so real and they appreciated how genuine I was.  In one line I don't post enough; in another, I post too much.  Others talked about how they disliked the "Slice of" posts, some told me that was their favorite feature. Many people said that they come to my blog because they really love the positive energy I put out, one person said it gets on their nerves.  A few comments said that there was too much baby talk going on, and then conversely many others said there wasn't enough.

So you see, out of thousands of people who come here, this was a 100 person cross-section, with incredibly differing opinions.  If I was to listen to every single person, I wouldn't be able to blog about anything.  It's almost humorous how back and forth all of the comments went. I could stop this or that feature to appease those who dislike it, but then I'd upset those who do enjoy it.  I could go in circles with this...but what it comes down to is something I already knew, but only validated by this survey:  I just have to keep doing what I'm doing, and do what makes me happy.  You can never please everyone, and why even try?  What a waste of energy.

This can be applicable in everyday life too, and I've spoken about it before here and in numerous other posts.  You just have to keep doing your thing, stay true to yourself, and not worry about what others may say.  I thought I would share this because I, and maybe you too, could use this reminder.  We can't please 'em all, but if we can please ourselves and be proud of what we put out there, I'd say that's a success!

And before I go, I also wanted to say again how much I enjoyed reading every single comment, both the criticism and the accolades!  I love that you all took the time out of your day to share your opinions with me, and although I won't be changing anything major to suit anyone in particular, I did become inspired to do many of the suggestions sent my way.  :) Oh, and some of you had mentioned how you wished I still had a formspring.  I definitely won't be using that account anymore, but you can always email me and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

Have a great day! xo