hi :)

Today's been a great day: the weather was lovely, Madeline went to the groomer, I ran about a million errands, and Hank got out of class hours early.  And, my parents are on their way up here as I type! Awesome.  Little Ms. Madeline usually gets bathed at home, but every once and awhile we send her out to get prettied up, and I swear she holds her head a little higher and and walks with a little more pep in her step following her shampoo, condition and TLC time at the groomer's.  It's too cute.  Just check out that pink bow!

fresh and clean from the groomer's!

When Hank got home we ran over to Lowe's to get a shelf for the kitchen, and then went to Costco.  I don't know why we continually make the mistake of going to Costco on a Saturday afternoon- people are absolutely crazy. Today for instance I experienced two women fighting over the last pork tamale sample, way too many angry people wielding huge carts, and I even tried to justify us "needing" a ten pound bag of green beans! hahah. I'm sure some of you know what I mean.  Oh, Costco!

And, when we got home I had Hank snap a little outfit pic- my first in about a year. Bad lighting I know, but it was already dark outside. 

outfit post

"D" necklace: Anthropologie
dress: Forever 21
cardigan: J. Crew
belt: I have no idea, I've had it forever
shoes: Target

Tonight my family and I will be enjoying pizza from Bill's (our favorite local pizza shop) and just hanging out. Tomorrow we'll be going out to breakfast and then walking around downtown, so I'm hoping the weather is just as wonderful. I need to go get the guest room ready, so I'm signing off, but I hope you have the best Saturday night!  xoxo