Tattoo Tuesday V.52 (Happy one year to this feature!)

Name and blog name: Keziah Stevenson //

(editor's note: I absolutely love Keziah's Tumblr but I will warn you that I just clicked and one of the first photos was NSFW- just letting you know in case you click and have small children around!)

Age: 19

Occupation: unemployed

Age of first tattoo: 17

Favorite tattoo: My Alice in Wonderland left sleeve

Featured tattoo/location: my Alice in Wonderland sleeve; the artist is Grzegorz Klich. He's from Poland but moved to Edinburgh about a year ago, and he works at Rock 'n Roll Tattoo & Piercing in Edinburgh. They have really amazing artists that work there but I felt Grzegorz would be perfect for my sleeve as he loves bright colours and cartoons.


1) Tell us about your featured tattoo- is there a background story or special meaning? Why did you choose this particular piece of art?

Ever since I was little I've always loved Disney. Alice in Wonderland was my favorite movie- everyone used to say I was in my own little wonderland- so as I got older I knew I wanted something that suited me...something that when people saw it they would be like "that's so you, kezi!" I've always wanted to be heavily tattooed but didn't want individual tattoos on my arm. I wanted two full sleeves with the same story so Alice in Wonderland was the only thing that reflected my personality and really meant something to me. I wanted my arms to be bold and colourful with crazy colours.

2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where?

skull & roses on my back, 3 roses with the script "we're all mad here," geeky hello kitty and a cute hello kitty on my feet and a little scarecrow with pumpkins by Patryk .

3) Do you plan on getting more?

My next tattoos are portraits on my thigh, I pretty much have my whole body planned out haha. The only places I will never get tattooed is my neck, chest and hands only because I promised my Mum I wouldn't.

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them?

My family loves my tattoos! When I first got my sleeve I was so scared to show my Gran because she doesn't like tattoos and didn't want me getting any, but out of everyone she loves them the most. She's always more excited than me when I get a new's cool when someone who has never liked tattoos likes them. I won best sleeve at the North Lakes Tattoo Convention this year and have been in a few tattoo magazines like Total Tattoo, Skin Deep, Skin Shots and Tatuaz. I would love to get into tattoo modeling but I feel I want more tattoos before I get into modeling. I have had so many nagative comments its unbelievable. Because I'm only 19 people always tell me I have made a huge mistake and that in a few years I'm going to regret it. I actually had this one woman come up to me and say "that's absolutely disgusting, what you have done to yourself? I would never want my daughter to be like you- it's just horrible!" Of course you are going to get people who like them and people who hate them you just have to be the bigger person and leave them to their opinion. I always say I'm comfortable in my coulourful skin- maybe you should take a good look at yourself before judging someone else.


5) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?

The advice I would give is to really think about what you want. Don't copy someone else- think of something that suits you. Don't just run out and get a tattoo because a celeb or anything has it; really think about it...after all it is on you for life. Remember that people are always going to have something to say and they are always going to have an opinion. You absolutely will get judged but if you are happy and comfortable in your skin it shouldn't be a problem. Never let anyone put you down or make you feel insecure.