Tea Collection / Funk Off! (two product reviews)

So this past week we were so excited to receive a super generous package from one of my favorite shops for baby clothes, Tea Collection...who just happen to be one of Sometimes Sweet's newest sponsors! I feel lucky that a company we already love wanted to work with us, and to add to our delight they sent over quite a few clothes for Henry. All of the clothes are just our style- simple, classic, with stripes and various prints. I love the flannel, and the addition of hoods on some of the items too. If you're the mama of a little guy you know how hard it is to find cute boy clothing, so it's great to find a company that does just that, and also makes the most adorable girl clothing as well.  It's kind of like big people clothing for little people, if that makes sense.  The quality is superb, and the different styles are really wonderful.  Henry got an assortment of 6 month clothing, and I can't wait for him to to big enough to wear them.  So if you're in the market for adorable, high-quality, super stylish baby clothes, seriously check out Tea. Annnnd, next month I'll be sharing something really special from them, for all of you!

We also were lucky enough to receive a HUGE box of amazing vegan products from our friends over at Funk Off! Brand on Etsy.  When the box arrived I knew what it was just from the yummy smell coming from the box.  Upon opening it, I was in a heaven for a little bit, going through all the different types of lotions, washing my hands with all the amazing soaps, trying the chapsticks.  We were lucky enough to try a huge assortment of their products, and although I loved ALL of them, I did had a few favorites!  First, I'm kind of obsessed with the Vanilla Blackberry Sage Lotion.  It smells amazing and actually sinks right into your skin. The second favorite of ours would have to be either their amazing soaps (every variety we tried we loved) or their chapstick!  I tried the Tangerine Vanilla Kiss and it was just so smooth and smelled delicious. I know a lot of you are into natural products, so if you'd like to check out Funk Off's vegan line, go ahead and click here. Happy browsing!