this morning...

hiii Henry!

This morning I am so thankful for:

Hank, and his support of my fitness goals and plans. I can't tell you how nice it is to have him say, "Go ahead to the gym, I'll take over," and know that I can fully enjoy a long workout while he and Henry have some father-son time every night.  Having this time to myself has been so wonderful for me, and being able to get right back into my workout routine has made me immeasurably happy. Thank you sweet husband!  As he jokingly says, "happy wife, happy life!"

Baby laughs, smiles, and funny expressions. Everyday Henry seems to smile a little more, and it seems like these beautiful little expressions are about to become more regular and reactive.  He's the most expressive baby, and I adore all of his funny faces and sounds. I hope a genuine laugh will be on its way soon too- I can't get enough!

Sleep. Little one has been sleeping like a champ this week and he's been sleeping for at least six hours at a time at night. He'll go right back down after eating, no tears, no fuss, and stay asleep.  Even if he's awake when I put him down he'll drift off within a few minutes on his own. I attribute this to our new sleeping arrangement that I'll talk about in my baby gear must-haves part two next week!  But really, being able to log so much sleep every night is pretty insane, and I am so thankful for this in the present...because I know once teething starts that may change. So thank you Henry for letting mama get some rest.

annnd...YOU! I can't express enough how much I appreciate all of your sweet comments, emails, etc.!  I am slowly working my way through all of the lovely links you all left for me to check out, and I'm really enjoying getting to know so many more of you, and find some great new blogs to add to my daily reads.  So fun.

As for now, I'm off to tackle a few to-dos, so I'll leave you with a couple more photos! Happy Thursday!  I'll be back later this evening with my "Slice of" post.

loves his mama!