Today is Tuesday.

Today has been a fun day spent with my little guy, following a great evening spent with my dear girlfriends!  Last night Amber and Adie came over so we could have a little "bachelor party," and indulge in some silly, wonderful reality television!  Hank cooked us dinner- a delicious yellow curry with veggies and tofu- and then we flipped on the tube to rot our little brains away!  If you didn't know, I have a not-so-guilty pleasure of watching The Bachelor or Bachelorette every season (Adie does too!) so we tried to convince Amber to love it right along with us.  And, we may have been successful!  Let's hope.  The night was super fun though- just sitting around and laughing at all the insanity on the television screen was just what I needed, from the weird vampire girl to the zig zag part, to the Rockette and the expected musical number, it totally made my night. I'd say my top girls so far are definitely Emily (the Southern Belle) and the gal who got the first impression rose.  Have I lost any of you yet?! hahaha.  So yes, it was a really fun evening and I ended up getting to sleep pretty early.  Henry slept so well last night and I actually woke up feeling rested!  Amazing. We spent the day playing on his activity mat, napping (well, he did), and reading some of the books he got for Christmas.  It's pretty neat because even though I know he isn't necessarily understanding what we're doing when we read, I can tell he is taking in all of the pictures and listening to me as we work through the book.  I read somewhere that it's good to read babies books with repetition so right now we've been sticking to Eric Carle which has a lot.  I might eventually go crazy from hearing The Very Hungry Caterpillar a thousand times, but for right now I'm doing okay.  Later in the day we took a little trip to Costco too, so I could get Hank some razors and pick up a few other miscellaneous items like berries and a big box of Annie's Bunny snacks (love them).  I'm still a little nervous to go out and do things on my own but every time I do a little more of the fear goes away.  Oh and speaking of Hank, I know I've said it a million times but nothing is more beautiful to me than seeing my husband and son together.  Melts my heart every time.  He'll actually be home from work in thirty minutes and right around this time I start a little count down in my head...twenty minutes, ten minutes, five minutes, one minute!  I can't wait until Henry will be big enough to really get excited for Hank to come home every night.  I remember that feeling when I was little- my sister's and my face pressed up against the window until we saw my Dad's car pull in the driveaway. Then: "Daaaaaaaaaa-dddddddy!" running toward him with open arms as he walked inside.  I can't wait for that.  So yes, today was a good day, I got a lot accomplished, including being put on hold for about thirty minutes with our insurance company. Fun! ;) 

I feel like a have a million and one blog posts I can't wait to share with all of you, and again, I appreciate all of the responses to the survey this morning.  In case you missed the edited version of that post and were confused when there wasn't a link, the survey site I used only allotted me 100 participants, and that filled up within thirty minutes or so.  I apologize to those who couldn't take it, but I definitely got all of the information I was looking for as far as how you found this blog, when you visit it, etc.  It was incredibly fascinating to hear all of the feedback, and I actually have a few things to share in regards to it, so I'll be doing that tomorrow, along with a recipe post from my friend Sarah, which marks the very last guest post!  

I hope all of you had a great day today- I'll leave you with some photos! xo

playing on the floor

more cute!


hanging with the ladies

most perfect lips :)

hiii Henry!

I love this face!