Friday links to love!


Happy weekend everyone! I've been having the best week, and it looks like my weekend is happily shaping up to be just the same. I'm looking forward to lunch with a bunch of girlfriends at Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert this afternoon, date night back in Prescott this evening while Henry's grandparents babysit, Saturday's lunch with my sweet sister-in-law, Phoenix again that night with the family for hangouts and one of our dearest friend's birthday party on Sunday. Can you say busy? It's all such fun stuff though, I can't complain. I haven't been this happy in a long, long time and I attribute it to all the wonderful people in our life...I feel lucky. So if you're one of those wonderful people, thank you! I love you.

But now, here are some links to get your weekend started right:

I think this video on how to do a baby turban is the cutest. Plus, I adore Rachel/her blog.

Love this tea party.

You guys. I am DYING over Kristin's trip to India. Her photos are absolutely beautiful.

Shatter polish giveaway? Okay! Thanks Holly Sarah!

This is probably one of my fave blogs right now, which is ironic. Click the link and you'll see why. ha.

Super cute silhouette print. I think would make a darling wedding present.

I really like this Tumblr. And pretty much Tumblr in general.

Lindsay's hand screen-painted fabric is so, so pretty.

A new friend of mine, Megan, started a blog! I promise, you'll love it. She's super sweet, has great style, and blogs about her day to day life. Go say hi! 

How adorable is this necklace? "Going steady," so cute.

Take a look at this proposal video. To die for adorable. !!!

So, I loved the '90s. And here, you can take a little quiz about the most popular names from the 90s. Kinda love it!

Spaghetti with lemon and olive oil. So simple but so perfect.

I was a Girl Scout growing up (stopped when I was a Brownie), and I've always been fascinated by the history of the organization. Here's a little bit about the rebranding they recently did. Be sure to click one the "more" button to read about each section. I'm a nerd, I know.

Both my Dad and Hank will love this: Time Magazine's All-Time 100 Greatest Toys!

The fabulous Jess is featured on my sweet friend Mandy's blog today!

Here's one of the most stylish grandmas I've ever seen! Too cute.

Mamas of adventurous kiddos: how neat is this "design your own superhero cape kit"? A DIY would be totally doable/cheaper/cooler, but I like how this all comes in one little package. Fun.

I'm constantly bookmarking cute party ideas for little ones- and yes, call me crazy but I'm already planning Henry's first birthday party.

I adore this photoshoot background. Well, I basically adore the whole photoshoot.

Vegan and fondue don't always seem like they'd go together. Well guess what? THEY DO!

And finally, I LOVE Katie's half up/half down milkmaid braids. Such a cute look.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! xoxo