30 photos

I've seen versions of this here and there on various blogs, so I thought I would do the same and give you all a little peek into my life via some photos. 30 of them to be exact! I'd love to see your 30 as well, so if you decide to join in the fun leave me a link so I can check out yours too. Enjoy!

01 / someone you spend a lot of time with:

I adore this photo.

02 / a picture of you:

tuesday afternoon

03 / a random picture of you and your sig. other:

"the hamptons do las vegas"

04 / a picture of something that makes you happy:

happy puppy

05 / an old picture of you:

06 / a picture of your sibling:

Lauren and Abe engagement photos

07 / a picture you never posted on your blog before:

HOTW on tour

08 / a picture of a person you miss:

09 / a picture of people who know you now and then:

10 / a picture of your favorite place: (NJ shore)

11 / a person you can tell everything to:

i love this one

12 / a picture of your everyday life:

Photo 179 copy

13 / a picture from a place you love:

kohl's orange and cream- a boardwalk tradition!

14 / a picture that reminds you of great times:

15 / a class photo: (kindergarten, I'm the little blonde on the right in the purple dress)

16 / a picture from the best day of your life:

Happy birthday sweet boy!

17 / a picture that always makes you laugh:


18 / a picture of your spare time:

my night

19 / a photo from a great night:

country dancin'!

20 / a picture of the people who are closest to you: (missing my sister in this photo)

mi familia

21 / a picture of someone you always have a good time with:

weird, silly us

22 / a picture of your parents when they were your age:

23 / a picture from last summer: (Kona, Hawaii, the beach right next to our house)

can you see the guy in the air?

24 / a photo of your closest friend of the opposite sex (not sig. other):

Alex and me at Pokez

25 / a picture of you on a favorite vacation: (Moorea, French Polynesia)


26 / a picture of an accomplishment: (Master's degree)

27 / a picture of your closest friends: (minus a couple)


28 / a random picture from photobooth:

probably not the most flattering angle, but YAY new leg tattoo!

29 / a photo that makes you smile:

love these girls so much!

30 / someone you will never let go of: (two of them)

father and son