Blog Spotlight V.4

21/365 - Dorky Self Portrait

I have been loving spotlighting my favorite blogs, and this time I am sharing with you one of my very, very favorite blogs EVER. Earlier today the author Lindsay tweeted that she had reached 100 subscribers (so awesome!) but hearing this I was really surprised- a blog THIS good should have thousands, seriously. Eileen Josephine at first glance may seem like a mommy blog, or a crafting blog, or a lifestyle blog...but once you go through all of these little categories you realize that Eileen Josephine is actually all of the above, and so much more. Lindsay is a great writer with an eye for photography and design, and her blog reflects not only her fabulous creativity but the deep love she has for her family. Anytime I visit her blog I leave with a renewed sense of inspiration and a bit more beauty in my life.

I highly recommend you all go check out Lindsay's corner of the internet! I promise you won't be disappointed. Happy browsing!