Dear Henry,


Dear Henry,

Sweet boy you're approaching 4 months old now and I fall more and more in love with you every single day. Your Dad and I are beyond thankful for you, and we constantly talk about how much you've changed our life. There is no better feeling than the one we get when you beam that huge, gummy smile at us, and your laugh can make my entire day turn right around. You're the best parts of us, the best thing that has happened to us, and we thank the stars for you every chance we get.

This past weekend your Aunt Lauren and Uncle Abe got married, and it was a special day for everyone. You wore your first suit and watched from the back of the venue with your Great Aunt Pat as Lauren and Abe said "I do." You were so good through all of the pictures, and I can't wait to see our huge family photo. You, in your brown and orange suit, surrounded by all of the people that love you so much. Around 8pm you started getting tired, and your Dad sat upstairs with you for the rest of the night so I could do my matron of honor duties and dance with my sister and our family. He's an amazing father and it's times like this I am reminded again of just how selfless and giving he is. Most people wouldn't have wanted to sit upstairs and miss such a large part of the celebration, but your Dad knew how important it was for me to be present at my sister's wedding so once the speeches and separate dances were over, he took you upstairs and told me to go enjoy myself. He's such a good man.

Your Uncle Abe and his mother danced to one of my favorite songs-"Mom" by Lucero- and during their dance I teared up as I imagined one day dancing with you at your wedding. And although that time won't come for twenty or more years, I could still imagine us out there on the dance floor. Life will have gone on, it will have taken us places we can only imagine, we will be older, things will be different. And as the lights twinkled around the dance floor Saturday night, as the music drifted up and over the wedding guests, as I sat there, lost in my thoughts and lost in thinking about the future, my eyes teared up as I realized that one day, this may be us.

As the lyrics rang throughout the room, "Home might scatter and fade, with time all things must change. The road it might take its own course, but at it's end, Mama we're still your boys," I felt something deep within me make a wish that one day, you too will find love, and maybe one day we'll get to have our mother/son dance too. I hope that the time between now and then is filled with so much life, so many experiences for you, and if the time does come one day for us to have our dance, we'll both be able to smile and know that the life that's led us to that point has been better than we could have ever dreamed.

I love you so much Henry.

Your Mom