goodbye weekend!

Oh, what a weekend. For some reason I feel exhausted right now, even though I've been getting a lot of sleep. Let's just hope I'm not getting sick because this week is crunch time for my sister's wedding! Yes, in LESS THAN A WEEK my little sister will be a married woman. That just seems crazy to think that she is all grown up. It's funny how certain people in your life always seem the same- in a weird way I think I always imagine my sister as being much younger than she is, and it's often surprising when I'm hit in the face with all of these adult things she's doing.

The past few days have been a whirlwind of getting things done, which is a always a good thing, and I'm feeling very inspired and fresh. Yes, fresh. I know that may be an odd way to describe my current and most common mood lately, but I just mean that I feel new and happy and just "fresh." Take from it what you will. But I attribute this overall wonderful feeling to a number of things, from hanging out with new people, spending more time with friends, Madeline and Henry starting to really notice one another, happiness in so many of my loved ones' lives, and getting some decorating done around the house. Happy. And plus, my baby sister is getting married, how could I not be on cloud nine?! This week is going to be a good one, I'm sure of it. I will mention though one tiny little weird thing that I sometimes do when I'm this happy...I start thinking about how strange it is to be happy, and to fully know that I won't be happy forever. I've always been this way, it's like I almost can't exist in the happy moment for too long before I have to remind myself that it will soon be gone. Bizarre, I know. And luckily I've pretty much stopped those kind of thoughts (they ruin everything!) but I do think about it sometimes when I type something like that out. Oh, brain. Why you so crazy. And on that note, I am going to get back to my sewing, but here are some photos and highlights from the past few days via instagram. Enjoy your upcoming week!
our weekend

left-right: view from a neat kaleidoscope in a gallery downtown, Henry and Lisa at the Raven for afternoon tea, a bit of Henry's nursery (yes his nursery tour is overdue and coming soon finally, I promise!), my darling boy and his drool, Hank and me at Kokopelli's, Adie's delicious dinner- red enchilada tacos, our double dates, our family, Henry snoozing in his swing, coconut tea at Wild Iris, Henry with his grandparents, mini carrot cake I split with Adie (so good), my new jewelry tray, shoes in the mail- thanks UPS man!, sleeping baby, sewing on a Sunday night.