It's WEDNESDAY (a quick update).


Before I get into my quick little update, I wanted to talk for a minute about the photo above, put together using the diptic app on my iphone this morning. The dolls in the pictures are some of my most favorite things, and I bought them a year and a half ago, before I was even pregnant. They're designed by LA-based tattoo artist Jason Schroder, and the second I saw them I knew I had to get both for our future son or daughter.  Henry loves them, and I love that they even look a little bit like Mommy and Daddy! And as an added plus, one of the tattoos says "Henry." Too cool! To get the pair for yourself, you can visit this link.

But anyway, hello Wednesday! Today's been great- minus the whole thinking it was Tuesday thing. Yup. I went all the way down to the Y to take my first stroller bootcamp class this morning with an old student of mine/friend Mandy, and when the front desk attendant reminded me that no, the class meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, I replied with "Well, yeah, but it's Tuesday!" HA! Wrong. So I came back home and while Henry napped I went on a cleaning spree. It may be weird but I really enjoy cleaning and organizing. I wasn't always like this (just ask my Mom about my teenage self's notoriously clothing-covered floors), but somehow over the past five or six years I have become quite the fan of all things having a place! It was so nice to have a good hour or two to do all the deep cleaning I didn't get to do last weekend due to being in Phoenix. Also, that nap just so happened to be the first nap he's even taken in his crib! This week has been a week of firsts; he gave me his first belly laugh on Monday and then rolled over for the first time that same day! And now, he's napping for the first time in his crib. Our baby is growing up way too fast. But at the same time it's so exciting to reach all of these milestones. Everyday is something new, a new sound, new movement, new facial expression...and it's amazing how quickly everything moves along. After he woke up Henry and I headed downtown to meet my friend Lisa at the Raven for some tea. We walked for an hour or two, catching up and laughing. It was an awesome afternoon, and one of those days where I am reminded yet again of how much I adore our town. I've traveled all over the country, spent time in big cities for extended periods of time, but when it comes down to it, I'm definitely a small town girl at heart. I grew up in one, went to college in one, and now, making our life in one. I'm a huge fan of the slower pace and the "hi" and "hello" at every corner. It's a good feeling to love where you live, and although it did take me a couple of years to fully embrace it, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Now, I'm about to immerse myself in a good book and relax the night away while Hank is out, playing music with friends. I hope all of you had a great day and a wonderful night too. I'll be back tomorrow with my "Slice of" post, and a healthy recipe!