Let's talk iPhones, shall we? (Part 2)

Happy Saturday! I'm having a quiet night in, so I thought I'd share are a few more awesome iPhone apps that I just love. If you missed my first post on this topic, be sure to check it out before you get into this second edition.

First up, Small Planet. I learned about it from my friend Liz, and the second I saw one of her photos from this app I had to get it. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn it was free! Awesome. Basically it takes a photo of wherever you are in the world (or you can move the satellite to wherever you'd like), and then makes it into a "small planet." Really, really cool. Here's one I did of downtown Prescott.

downtown Prescott

Another one of my most favorite apps is 8mm. It allows you to make old-timey movies right from your phone. I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so I can use this outside- I have a lot of fun movies I'm definitely excited to make. Here's an example I just put together from a few different little clips I had on my phone:

Over the past few months I've fallen more and more in love with Tumblr (except when it crashes, annoying!) but I found that the actual Tumblr app is the worst. Someone recommended the Tumblr Gear app to me and since then I've used it from my phone without any problems or issues. You know how every time you "like" or "reblog" in the regular app it reloads the page...well this one doesn't and it's SO much easier to use. It's actually enjoyable; super fast and user-friendly. I highly recommend this one! And, it's free!

I've also been loving the US Weekly app. Yes, I love ridiculous celebrity gossip, and I find myself mainly using this app while I'm feeding Henry. It loads the "news" quickly and includes text, photos, and videos.

And finally, Pocketbooth! I'm a sucker for old photobooths, and this app lets you have a photobooth...right in your pocket! Ha. It's awesome though and really easy to use. This is another one I definitely recommend. Here's Henry and his sweet Sophie the Giraffe.

Henry loves Sophie

Happy iPhoning!