One week to a better me!

Happy Monday, and happy first day of the rest of you life! Okay. Really cheesy thing to say, I know...but isn't it true? Every single moment is a new start, but Mondays are so wonderfully symbolic of a true fresh beginning. I'm sure that's why I love them so much- no matter what we did the previous week, we can start anew today.

So, in the spirit of this new week, this new start, and this new day, I thought it would be fun to write five "better myself" goals that I will work on ALL week. The aim of all of these goals is to broaden my horizons, expand my mind, and spend the time I have wisely. These will be small things in five different categories: nutrition, exercise, relationships, creativity, and me-time. The last one is especially a good one for new mamas!

Nutrition: this week I am focusing on branching out and trying some veggies I don't eat on a regular basis. Maybe I'll experiment with radishes or sautee some kale. Mix it up a bit!

Exercise: push ups, wall squats and abs every other night before before bed in addition to my regular workout schedule. Summer's coming!

Relationships: I'm going to plan little morning surprises for Hank everyday this week- waking up early and cooking breakfast, little notes in his lunch, etc. He doesn't always read my blog so I think (I hope!) my secrets are safe!

Creativity: This week I am going to try a fabric/felt flower DIY for our bedroom to put in the white vases on our dresser.

Me-time: I'm FINALLY going to finish the wonderful book "Never Let Me Go."

If you decide to write five small "better yourself" goals for the week, link me below so I can see what you're up to! Have a wonderful week.