a small reminder on being in the moment and blogging.

 snap snap

Being in the moment and blogging seem to go hand in hand...right? Documenting events, taking photos of loved ones, happy thoughts. So many bits of life written down, photographed, condensed and shared. But really, could there be anything less "in the moment" than trying to capture the moment? It's a fine line to walk- there you are at a great event, and instead of just being, just focusing on the people and beautiful surroundings, you're thinking about taking photos, thinking about how you can "blog this" later. Over the past year or so I've managed to strike a great balance with my blog world and my real world. And not that the two are entirely separate anymore, but because blogging is such a huge part of my life, it's imperative that I take a step back and become selective with what I share. I don't blog everything I do, and for special occasions (like my sister's wedding), I make taking photos secondary to creating memories. I think it's important for serious and/or full-time bloggers to keep this in mind- you're documenting your life, but the LIFE part is what's important, and if the documenting/sharing part works naturally with this, great. But focus first and foremost on having fun and not thinking too much about how this will translate into the best possible blog post.

I think it's great to remind myself to be more present in my everyday life, and that sometimes, it's far more fun to actually be in the moment, than to try and capture it.