a spring afternoon

Today was a lovely, lovely day spent with one of my dearest gal pals, Adie. I've known Adie for about seven years now- she grew up with Hank, and her boyfriend (of almost 10 years!) is one of Hank's best friends. Adie and I have in a way, watched each other grow up and into our now-woman selves...and that's pretty awesome. I adore her; she has the most infectious spirit and zest for life, and she's one of those people that is a ray of sunshine no matter what the weather. I am so grateful for our friendship, and the longs walks and talks that have been a part of my life for so many years. Today was no different, and we spent a few hours meandering around town, walking around the square, eating treats and sipping on our favorite coconut tea. Today though was warm, so of course the occasion called for it to be iced. I enjoyed a delicious fruit bar made from applesauce and juicy berries, Henry basked in the sun infused shade, and my legs were treated to a walk about our small and beautiful town. The weather was beyond pleasant, and it was one of those days where the sky seemed a little bluer, the emerging spring buds on the trees a little fresher, and even familiar blocks appeared new. We walked, we talked, I fell in a little more love with this place I call home. Hello, spring!

{please forgive the instagram photos again, my d-slr was too cumbersome for our walk!}




photo 2

photo 1



p.s. Here are the answers to the questions from my "Around our home" post from earlier today: the plates are from Anthro, my bird jewelry tray is from World Market (it was supposed to be some sort of bathroom tray), the drawing on our kitchen shelf is by tattooer Cory Lenherr- it's actually the piece on my left side ribs, and our duvet is from IKEA. Thank you all so much for all the kind words! I'm excited to eventually do a whole house tour; quite daunting to imagine, but one day it will happen! Have a beautiful day.