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{I forgot to take a final picture so this photo was taken before we touched up the black again and 
added a tiny more blue- I'll post a better photo later, of course!}

Today was a great and super special day- I finally got my mama tattoo for Henry! I had gone back and forth about what I wanted to get, and years ago (before I was a mama) I knew that one day when I had a little one I would want to get his or her silhouette. When Henry was born I originally wanted to get that for him, but thought instead that I would wait until we had all of our kids and do something a little more traditional now, like an anchor or just his name in script. I realized though that it was silly to wait to do something that I really wanted (and had wanted for ages), so I made the appointment, and today was the day!

Mondo at Immaculate Tattoo in Mesa, AZ tattooed me (he previously did the "Sweet Darlin'" above my knees), and as always I loved it. I have been going to Immaculate for years and years, back when Jason tattooed me, then Cory, and now Mondo. It's a great shop with great artists, and I highly recommend you check them out if you're in the area.

I am so, so in love with it with it and of course, it's my new favorite (like every new tattoo I get)! I'm just so happy with how it turned out, and I can really see Henry in it- his tiny little button nose, chin, and the bits of hair.  I hadn't thought about a frame before Mondo brought it up, but I'm so happy I ended up getting one. I have never seen a silhouette tattoo before and I have a hard time picturing things in my head, but as usual with good artists they manage to produce something that is better than you could have even attempted to imagine. I love that.

So, today was an excellent day. I'm just so excited for big-kid Henry to one day realize that this tattoo is of him, and for him to look at my arm and know his mama loves him oh-so much.



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