Dear May,

I'm so excited for May's arrival for a huge, long list of reasons...but the first reason is perhaps one of my most favorite, and one of the best days of the year- our wedding anniversary. It's actually on the last day of the month, and I feel like I count down to throughout the entire month! Most years we've been on vacation to celebrate- last year we were in Hawaii and the years before in Vermont and NYC, but this year we may do things a little more low-key. I'm envisioning a picnic for our little family and maybe a date that evening. So excited.

walking into the reception, Mr. and Mrs.!

Other fun May dates? My first Mother's Day, my 29th and GOLDEN birthday on the 29th, and typically it was always the month we had our last day of school too! This year though I won't be celebrating that day, although I'm tempted to pull into the high school, just so I can drive out, windows down, to regain that distinct feeling of freedom.  It was the best, knowing I had an entire summer vacation ahead of me, and I loved that even though I was an adult, I still got to enjoy that luxury. Hank's birthday also feels like it's a part of May too, since it's just three days after mine, on June 1st! We always celebrate together.

rasberry torte
celebrating our birthday in Vermont

35 weeks
getting excited for my first Mother's Day- it's hard to even remember what this felt like!
What a celebratory month, right? I can't wait for all the fun to come. So, here's to May, and here's to a whole lot of celebrating!
April 2011
Ann Taylor introduces Little Ann outfit for girls!

The limited-edition "Little Ann" outfit, made up of a hand-embroidered top ($78) and a matching silk crinkle skirt ($78) will hit select stores and the company's website next month. The twirl-ready Mexican-inspired outfit – created by Lisa Axelson, Ann Taylor’s head of design and a new mom herself – will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, with 60 percent of sales going to the organization. For mamas loving the look themselves, a matching outfit will be available in grown-up sizes, with grown-up prices to match ($128 for the top and $118 for the skirt).

Katie Holmes is wearing the grown-up version for the SS'11 Campaign.
would be cute to see Suri & Katie in matching outfits!

reported by lilsugar

The Tattooed Poets Project: Debbie Kirk

I always like to finish up the Tattooed Poets Project on a strong note, so today's tattooed poet, the last of this year's series, is the heavily-tattooed poet Debbie Kirk.

It also happens to be Debbie's birthday today, as we check out one of her tattoos. More specifically, let's look at the top of her left arm:

This piece, complete with straight razor, brass knuckles and cherry bomb, bears a banner that proclaims "Bow to your elders, you Emo Fucks."

I mean, what more can I say about that?

In discussing which tattoo of Debbie's to use, this exchange took place:

Tattoosday: "I hesitate to use the emo one because of the language and because I'm sure people will not understand why you would get it, but that makes me want to use it more".

Debbie: "its a favorite with has been declared the sexiest tattoo ever..."

Tattoosday: "I love tattoos but they are generally so benign nowadays, so it's nice to see one with a true fuck-all attitude."

Debbie: "Yeah, that defines me what you said right there....and why I got the tattoo. I think that single tattoo is the most ME. I can be a bit honest...which is why people like my poetry."

Where'd she get the tattoo? Debbie recalls " I just remember I got it in Venice 5 years ago from a girl who proposed to me when I told her my idea...I still tell that story. I KNEW it was good with that reaction and she was hot."
Debbie gave us several poems to choose from, and the one we selected, she says, is very representative of her work:

Little Frankenstein girl
Little Frankenstein girl
has the hands of a pianist
And the heart of a broken organ
With thorns, glass
Bats and Indian ink
Seeping thro…
Sewn together
Crookedly stitched
Like a pastel valentine heart
Filled with mismatched parts

Little Frankenstein girl
Has the right brain of a killer
Her right hand is dominant
While her left foot always faces away
Wanting to disconnect
To run
To be free

To not be part of this
Fucked up experiment
Dreamt up by
A genius dressed in rags
And chased by demons
The kind that really scratch and bite
When you are fast asleep

Little Frankenstein girl
Is not a little girl anymore
The curls in her hair
Dreaded up in the sun
Medusa in the wind

Her loud strong voice
Muffled under the stitches
That firmly binds her lips together
Bondage bringing pleasure
Only to those who wish
To keep her silent
(and they are many)

The little Frankenstein girl
Can’t count the stitches on her wrists
From all of those nights
With her right hand doing
What her left foot
Wanted to walk away from
And her not understanding
That she was never really alive
In the first place

Little Frankenstein girl
All mixed up
Mix matched
Returning every evening
With fresh wounds to be sewn
From another vain attempt
To be mortal for just a few seconds
Before the fall

Little Frankenstein girl
Stolen parts
Come with stolen lies
Maggots and flies.
The gravedigger, looking to make a buck
Steals her a kiss
The moistness quenches her lips
He promises more kisses tomorrow
She scurries home
Knowing full well
She’s damned to a life of stolen kisses
And malfunctioning hearts
that spit in the moonlight.

~ ~ ~
Debbie Kirk has published 6 chapbooks and been in 12 anthologies and hundreds of print and online zines. She lives in Santa Cruz with her dog Dr. Gonzo.  She has a website she rarely updates at but she can be best located lurking around Facebook!  Also check out

Thanks to Debbie for sharing her tattoo and poetry with us here as we close out the Tattooed Poets Project on Tattoosday. Also, we wish her a very happy birthday today!

This entry is ©2011 Tattoosday. The poem is reprinted here with the permission of the author.

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The Tattooed Poets Project: Lizzie Wann

Here, on the penultimate day of the Tattooed Poets Project, our contributor is Lizzie Wann:

Lizzie explains:
As I came into my poetic self in college, I knew I wanted a tattoo to symbolize that. My friend, Kevin, designed it for me and I carried it with me for a while. For spring break in 1993 or 1994, I went to Seattle with 4 of my best friends at the time. We happened into a cool tattoo shop and 4 of us got our first tattoos (the 5th person didn’t want one).It was great because we each got something that symbolized who we were at the moment but also who we hoped to be in the future.
Here's a closer look at this quill and ink bottle tattoo:

Lizzie shared this poem, as well:

she lives here with me
but she comes & goes as she pleases

never tells me where she’s going
never leaves a note

it’s typical that she’ll come in
just as I’m falling asleep

I catch glimpses of her sometimes
usually when there’s music

we used to be inseparable
I didn’t think she’d ever leave

now, daily happenings of my life
rarely interest her

but sometimes they do
and she’ll spend time with me

when that happens
I remember how good it feels

her company is like an avalanche of
warm towels out of the dryer

I could stay there all day

© 2010 Lizzie Wann

Lizzie Wann started reading at open mics in 1995. She soon became an integral part of the development of the San Diego poetry scene, facilitating workshops at the Writing Center, creating her own readings and producing original shows that featured poets and musicians. She earned a spot on the 1999 Laguna Beach national slam team that competed at the National Poetry Slam in Chicago of that year, and from there, helped make slam poetry become a San Diego fixture. She was on the 2000 San Diego team that went to the West Coast Regionals in Big Sur, served as coach for that same team in 2002, and co-hosted the fledgling San Diego slam, held at the Urban Grind, until 2003. Her work appears on CDs (A Wing & A Prayer and A New Leaf), in chapbooks including Familiars, Naked Wrists, and Complicated Skies and in anthologies including Comstock Review, Incidental Buildings & Accidental Beauty, A Year in Ink, volume 2, So Luminous the Wildflowers, The San Diego Poetry Annual, and Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug.  She also founded the Meeting Grace house concert series which ran from 2000-2008. One of her CD’s can be found at

Thanks to Lizzie for sharing her tattoo and poem with us here on Tattoosday!

This entry is ©2011 Tattoosday. The poem is reprinted here with the permission of the author.

If you are reading this on another web site other than Tattoosday, without attribution, please note that it has been copied without the author's permission and is in violation of copyright laws. Please feel free to visit and read our original content. Please let me know if you saw this elsewhere so I contact the webmaster of the offending site and advise them of this violation in their Terms of Use Agreement.

Spring times, good times

Yesterday was the loveliest of days. One of my dearest friends Adie joined Henry and me for a downtown stroll that ended in an impromptu tea time on a picnic blanket under a large shade tree.  As we sat there, talking about this and talking about that, I was reminded yet again of how lucky I am to live where we live. As the sun shined down through the just-green branches, and the breeze lifted the edges of our blanket, I looked around and felt so grateful for this day, my friendship with Adie, and for the opportunity to be surrounded by such beauty. Henry lounged and laughed and stretched out, the sun warmed our faces, and our iced teas dwindled away. It was seriously such an amazing afternoon. I hope our spring is filled with a million more days like this in our little town, and I hope that wherever you are, spring is at least starting to show its face a little more.

Happy Friday!












A Slice of...Salt Lake City, UT

Hello everyone and thank you to Danielle for letting me share a little bit about my city! My name is Danielle,I'm 25 and live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband and 3 dogs. I moved here when I was 6 years old, moved to Portland, OR when I was 18 (at which point I swore up and down I would never move back to Utah) and moved back to Utah when I was 22. The first time I lived here I didn't appreciate all the good things Utah has to offer and focused on the bad, but now that I'm back, and will most likely be here for awhile, I have decided to make the best of it. Most people know Utah as the Mormon state but there is so much more to it than that. Whether you love the outdoors or are more of a city person there is something for everyone.

Salt lake is located at the base of the Rockey Mountains and pretty much wherever you are in the valley you are 30-45 minutes from home to hiking or sitting on the lift at one of the local resorts. I love every season Utah has to offer and each season the mountains have something new to offer. Husband and I love to go hiking and camping during the summer because we can hurry and pack after work and within an hour we are setting up our campsite.

I love that there are 4 seasons here, even though spring and fall are really short I still love the couple weeks we get and fall has to be my absolute favorite time of year. The trees are beautiful, plus cooler weather equals sweaters and Halloween. It's also the perfect time to go camping at the different hot spring locations.

Husband and I love to eat, but we are probably 2 of the pickiest people you will ever meet. A couple years ago my bestie introduced me to a little diner up one the canyons and it was instantly my new favorite! It's called Ruth's Diner and was opened back in the 1930's by a woman who didn't quite fit in with the Utah crowd so she moved an old box car up the canyon and became a popular truck stop. They serve glorified diner food and everything is delicious, I 've never ordered something I didn't like. Plus they have deep fried macaroni and cheese, and who doesn't love that!

Keeping with the food theme one of the my other fave spots in the valley is My Dough girl. It's a cute little cookie shop that has amazing cookies and each cookie is given a pin up girl name. The little shop is decorated in 1940's pin up girl style and it's just lovely. They have the basics like chocolate chip and peanut butter but they also have

Salt Lake it also pretty close (relatively speaking) to red rock country. Within a matter of hours you go from the Rockey Mountains to the Red Rock Desert and repel down a 90 ft free fall in a canyon that most people will never see. The canyons are absolutely breathtaking and a complete change of scenery from the valley where I live.

The Great Salt Lake is known for being about 50 times saltier than the Dead Sea! Shallow enough that you can walk out onto it for miles, it is one of the sights that makes Utah unique. Kayaking out on the lake is quiet and peaceful, and you really can't find anything thing like it!

Shoot The Tube is fun, but you have to do it hush hush! The huge snow drainage pipe that runs under the freeway can be blocked up until the water runs high and makes for the largest water slide you've ever experienced.

Would you mind?

photo by Christina Heaston

Hi all,

A little late to the "Circle of Moms" bandwagon but I got an email asking me to claim my blog, so I did, and noticed I had some votes for the "Top Baby Journal" contest.  I've always enjoyed these types of sites because it allows me to meet new friends and other mamas, and I'd love to participate! 

If you wouldn't mind, could you spare a minute to vote for this blog?  I have a long way to go to catch up, but you can vote once a day until May 16th.

Thank you so, so much!

Danielle (and Henry, too!)

The Tattooed Poets Project: Gerry LaFemina

Today's tattooed poet is Gerry LaFemina. Gerry put together a narrative about his ink, which makes my job easier, and gives us a detailed view of his tattoos. Let's see what he has to say:
Photo by Joy Gaines-Friedler
"My first tattoo–I was 19, I was a punk rock kid, and I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for some time.  I had had a dream in which I had a tattoo of a skull and crossbones design in which the skull had peace symbols for eyes.  When I was shaving the next morning, I was surprised I didn’t have the tattoo.  So I called up my friend Melody, whose uncle was Tattoo Ray–one of the best tattooists on Staten Island.  She made the appointment and came with me to her uncle’s house.
            In New York at the time (the mid 1980's), tattooing was still illegal: most tattoo artists worked out of their homes and their clientele was through word of mouth.  Ray was pretty famous–and I have met a number of people over the years on Staten island who had work done by Ray. He was funny, sarcastic, and quick-tongued.  I remember asking him about his needles (this was in the midst of the AIDS epidemic) after all and he asked me right back “How clean is your blood?”
             I liked him immediately.  He did the work.  His niece and I talked.  I just remember being surprised how much the tattoo gun sounded like a dentist drill.  The little whine, the humming buzz.
            My second tattoo: I got my senior year in college.  We found somebody in Westchester who did the work in his suburban neighborhood house.  I remember little of the experience.  The tattoo was not the one I wanted: what I had hoped to get – Tigger with a microphone and a mohawk jumping on his tail – I ended up not being able to afford.  Instead: I went with symmetry – and more pirate stuff: a rose with crossed swords above the left bicep.  In hindsight, this tattoo has held up better than Tigger probably would have....
Photo by Joy Gaines-Friedler

            What lasts though are the tattoos I wanted to get but didn’t: After the rose I wanted to get Charlie Chaplin tattooed on me.  I asked several artist friends of mine to make me a design, and I got a few of them, but none of them “worked.”  And for several years I wanted the logo for my old band tattooed somewhere.  But neither happened.
            So I went with two for a long time: but I often thought about getting new ink.  I wrote.  I taught.  I created a program for young writers in northern Michigan called the Controlled Burn Seminar for Young Writers.  I committed 13 years to that project, and after the tenth seminar, I thought I would get its logo – a lit cherry bomb – tattooed on my right forearm.  The logo was important to me: I believe poetry and all art should be a lit cherry bomb.  It should be a potential explosion.  But it should be fun, too.  I looked into it a few times, but I finally made the decision on a lark a few days after my birthday.  I was walking on Carson Street in Pittsburgh – tattoo parlor row.  I liked the name Flying Monkey Tattoo.  So in I went.

            The tattooist was a kid, He could have been one of my students–he was finishing up his apprenticeship and mine was one of his first tattoos.  The seminar after the ink ended up being the last one.  It seemed fitting that the creative writing kids got to see it before the seminar ended.
            And now I’m back to collecting designs: this time, though, I know who’s going to do the tattoos.  The next one will be a Buddha carrying a tattered pirate flag on my back.  These are the two strains of my life.  And I want the MG logo somewhere.  I’ve been driving an MGB for 15 years.  The tattoo is a commitment and the things I am committed too, the things that define me, that continue to define me I want inked on me.  I spend much of my life putting ink on paper.  I think it’s only fitting to have some ink on me, too."
And now, for one of Gerry's poems:
Alphabet City
            Avenues A through D, Lower East Side, NYC

After the ambulances left but
before the sun finally rose above Avenue
C, I walked toward Tompkins Square Park where the heroin
dependent rockers slept, addled on benches, while
ex-punks huddled in their leather jackets
for the morning was still damp. One of them called out,

Gerry? What was I to do when I saw her, recognized
her hesitant familiar eyes. How could I have
imagined things would turn out this way when I’d call out her name —
Joanna — those sleepless nights of high school &
kept a photo of her deep into college.
Longing has such a sense of history.

Morning was approaching in its colorful coat.
Not once those months of kissing her, had I wakened beside her, but
oh — I’d wanted to. She was thinner & glanced away when I nodded;
pigeons surrounded her bench but would take off
quickly with the first sudden movement or when the next squad car
revealed itself in flashers & sirens.

So what did I do? What could I do?
The three five dollar bills folded in my pocket, what
use were they to me? I gave them to her, she who’d once been beautiful. How
victorious I’d felt that first time I kissed her.

We didn’t look at each other, nor did we look askance. I thought of the little
xiphoid syringes she might load with that money. This was my sin.
Two young black kids with dreadlocks walked by singing
Zion! Take me back to Zion! & I knew I’d never be saved.

– Gerry LaFemina
from Vanishing Horizon, 2011 Anhinga Press

Gerry LaFemina is the author of seven books of poems, most recently Vanishing Horizon (2011, Anhinga Press) and a collection of short stories.  He directs the Frostburg Center for Creative Writing at Frostburg State University where he also teaches.  He splits his time between Maryland and New York City.

Thanks to Gerry for sharing his tattoos and poetry with us here on Tattoosday!

This entry is ©2011 Tattoosday. The poem is reprinted here with the permission of the author.

If you are reading this on another web site other than Tattoosday, without attribution, please note that it has been copied without the author's permission and is in violation of copyright laws. Please feel free to visit and read our original content. Please let me know if you saw this elsewhere so I contact the webmaster of the offending site and advise them of this violation in their Terms of Use Agreement.

Looking forward to...

I love movies, and especially going to the theater to see a new release (in the afternoons of course, I can't stand packed theaters!).  But like most new parents, we haven't gone out to the movies even once. This summer I am definitely looking forward to taking advantage of some "grandparent time" to go catch a film, enjoy some fresh popcorn, and put our feet up on the railing (because everyone knows those are the best seats in the house!).

So, here are few films I am looking forward to, the first I originally found here. :)

Henry: 5 months


5 months, almost half a year! I can't believe it. This month has been the biggest month for Henry so far, as far as growth and learning new things!  It seems like his mind grows and grows more and more everyday, and his personality is emerging at the same rate. If what he's like now is any indication of what he'll be like as he gets older, I foresee our little man being quite the ham. But also quiet at times, extremely sweet, and a total mama's boy. Henry is just starting to like to cuddle, and his favorite way to sleep is on his side, facing me, one thumb in his mouth and the other holding on to me. It melts my heart every single day. He's now sleeping in his crib every night and has recently gone back to sleeping through the night. Last month he started waking up 2-3 times, and we couldn't figure out what the problem was. Eventually we realized that he was just too big for the co-sleeper we had him in in our bed, and once we moved him into his crib (and got through the adjustment period), he was back to sleeping almost 12 solid hours. Henry loves to sleep completely stretched out, arms and legs wide open most of the time, and no wonder he kept waking up- every time he went to stretch he found himself confined. Now he is absolutely loving his crib, and although it's a little sad to not wake up and see his smiling face, Hank brings him in every morning for his first feeding and we cuddle for a long time to make up for it!

 DSC_0165 edit

So here's Henry's current schedule:

6:30am wake up, Hank brings him into our bed before he gets in the shower
7-7:30am feed Henry, cuddle in bed, etc.
8am eat breakfast while Henry plays
8:30am get us ready for the day- either the gym/bootcamp, errands, meet a friend for brunch, or hanging out at home
9:00am leave the house or stay at home, but either way H. takes a nap during this time. He'll sleep through my bootcamp class (falls asleep in the car on the way there), or he'll sleep in his crib
10:30/11am wake up, feed Henry, hang out and read, play, etc. for the next couple of hours
2pm nap #2- this nap lasts anywhere from one and a half hours to two hours or so
3:30/4pm wake up, feed Henry, sometimes we'll go on a walk during this time
5:30pm Hank gets home and they have father/son time while we cook dinner
6:30pm start winding H. down for bed, give him a bath
7:00pm (on the dot) bring Henry into his room, read a book, feed him again. He usually falls right asleep around 7:30 or so.

When he wasn't sleeping through the night he would wake up at the same times almost every night- 11pm and 4am! Now that he's back to being a great sleeper I'm counting my lucky stars and enjoying every second. I think they say though that the minute you mention what a "great sleeper" your baby is, you're destined for a sleepless night, so we'll see about that! 

In other Henry news, all he wants to do lately is pull himself up into sitting position, and once he's there he wants to stand. He's such a mover and is on the verge of being able to crawl, once he figures it all out. He loves to flip belly to back, back to belly, and push up with his legs so his butt's in the air.  I'll post a video later this week from the other day and you'll see what I mean! It's just beyond neat because we'll go to bed one night, having just started to attempt something, and then the next day he'll master it! He's so smart and it's amazing seeing all of the connections being made day to day.

Henry is also quite the babbler and lately has taken to screaming and squealing when he's happy. He loves to take walks in his Baby Bjorn, and we've found that he likes that a lot more than his Ergo or Moby wrap because he can comfortably face out and take in so much action. He's so observant so unless he's super tired he prefers to face out.

This month Henry:

went on his second hike- he loves the outdoors
started making more distinct vowel sounds
is teething- I can see a little white bit of a tooth on his lower front/left gum
can almost sit up on his own
can almost push/pull himself into a seated position on his own
loves to stand with assistance as much as possible
started using a jumperoo and loves to bounce
likes to lie on his back and clap his feet together over and over
is highly amused by clapping and likes to "clap" with us by holding our hands
has mastered picking things up/reaching for things
has gotten to the stage where we have to push things away from him when out to dinner- he will lunge and grab at everything
is still breastfeeding
is getting more and more light brown hair
loves to have his head rubbed while falling asleep
still doesn't really live him Bumbo chair- is too active to want to sit still in it
had his first Easter
started to enjoy playing with blocks- he especially likes light blue and yellow
smiles every time Madeline comes near him
laughs very easily/smiles very easily

It's funny because every new stage has been the "best one yet," and I can only imagine how much more fun this is going to get as he gets older and is able to communicate with us more and more. My heart just grows and grows every single day, and I cannot even begin to describe the job that I feel being this little guy's mama.

So here's to you Henry, and here's to 5 months! We love you so much.


Mama Said, V.13

This week's Mama Said is a triple doozy, with words of wisdom from some of the raddest mommies in the blogosphere. First up is Raechel, who is a special blog friend of mine- Henry and her daughter were actually born just days apart! I've absolutely loved getting to know Raechel and her family via her blog, and watch little Ev grow up right alongside Henry. Then, you'll hear from the fabulous Dena, who is a beautiful mama to some adorable boys. Dena and her blog (one of my daily reads) always inspire me to be in the moment, and I really enjoy seeing what it's like to raise older boys- she seems to have so much fun doing so! And lastly is Thursday, who is another fave blogger and super mama to a lovely little lady named Georgia. Like Dena her advice may be simple, but so absolutely true. I admire her ability to be such a present Mommy but also have time to be so creative. Stop by her blog and you'll see what I mean!  But without any more of my rambling, here's Raechel to start us off (and thank you again, so so much to all three of you lovely ladies!):

Hey, Sometimes Sweet readers! My name is Raechel and I blog over at Our Island Outlook. I started blogging so that our family and friends back in the States could follow our adventures while we live in Japan but it has morphed into so much more.

Our daughter, Evelyn, was born within just a few days of Danielle and Hank's sweet little Henry. She is our little pride and joy; she's cat-napping in her carseat as I write this at 0630 after bringing my husband to work. The joys of a one-car family. :)

Many thanks to Danielle for letting me contribute to her great feature, "Mama Said".

My advice I have to offer is rather practical and very well may be common knowledge to most but hopefully at least one person can pull something away from my small contribution...

Call. If you're unsure of anything regarding your baby's health and wellness, call someone. It is difficult for me to call back to the States to pick my mother or grandmother's brain but you can bet your bottom dollar that at 1:00AM on Thanksgiving morning when Ev was just a week old and projectile vomited all over, I called the ER. If a medical professional seems less than thrilled or downright rude about your questions, try to brush them off. It is their job to help you out and if they have an attitude about it, that's their own problem. You are your baby's advocate so don't ever be afraid to call someone to ask questions.

Olive oil and a toothbrush. Little Miss has had a small amount of cradle cap since about her second week of life. At her two month appointment I finally asked what I could do to "get rid of it" and while my doctor told me that babies eventually grow out of it she suggested brushing Evelyn's wet head with a soft baby brush. We didn't have a soft baby brush so I've improvised with a soft-bristled toothbrush; we have yet to buy a baby brush because the toothbrush is working just fine. The olive oil was my grandmother's suggestion. You can put a small amount of it on your baby's head during bath time and then scrub lightly with a soft brush of your choice to help loosen the unsightly flakes. Just be sure to really rinse otherwise the oil could exacerbate the problem.

Always check for hairs in between precious fingers and toes. Last year a close friend had her second baby. I was horrified when the baby was just a couple months old she had to take her to the doctor because a piece of hair had wrapped itself so tightly around the little toe that the doctors contemplated the best course of action: one of them was removing the toe because of the possible damage the unseen hair had caused. Little did I know hair tourniquets are a common issue among infants; my mother informed me that I had a hair tourniquet as an infant as well. So during bathtime be sure to do a thorough check among your baby's cute little digits to check for any hairs that may be beginning to embed itself in the skin. If you notice a red or swollen digit, it could be a hair tourniquet call your doctor or ER if it is after hours. We don't have to worry about this since Ev is a girl but I read that hair tourniquets can also happen to a boy's penis so if you have a boy, be sure to check there, too.


Name/blog: Dena from With Love, The Fishers
Our pack of boys: Brandon 8, Ayden 4 and Lucas 1.

And here's my advice:

1) Always remember to live in the moment with your kids.
Remember what they talked about, what they did, what they looked like...cherish these fleeting moments, and skip the dishes every now and then.

2) Motherhood is an art.
And we are the makers of our home.
Every inch of it.
And we get these beautiful people to raise up.
How lucky are we?

3) You can never say I love you too much.


Hello there friends!  My name is Thursday and I'm super excited to be here today on Sometimes Sweet. If you ever travel to Peterborough, Ontario (a small town in Canada) you may just stumble across my humble homestead.  Here I live a pretty blissed out life with with my partner Jesse and our one year old daughter Georgia Grace. 

Now, normally I don't like to give advice.  Maybe that's because when Georgia was born I was inundated with it (and resented much of it).  I have to admit that when I wrote this list I wasn't writing to anyone but myself - the me that was a brand new and scared out of her wits mama. 

1. If someone offers a helping hand (and you could use it), take them up on it! 
Forget your pride.  It feels good.

2. Let your house get messy and enjoy every sweet moment.  Every single stage is an amazing era.  Be present and take it all in.

3. If all of this seems like too much to handle - tell someone.  If you're overwhelmed by irrational thoughts - tell someone.  You don't have to spend the first months of your baby's life drowning in fear.  Postpartum depression is all too common and definitely not something you need to go through on your own.

Those bits of wisdom were hard-won in the early days of Georgia Grace.  Silver lining?  At least I know a little more for the next one. (Please don't  ever tell the boy I said that, okay?)

If you'd ever like to stop by my place to learn more about me, my wee family or my wonky little handmade life I'd love to have you!  Bring a mug of tea or a bottle of vodka - whatever you choose we'll have a good time.

The Tattooed Poets Project: David Jonathan Newman

Today's tattooed poet is David Jonathan Newman, who sent along this photo:

Dave explains:
"The tattoo is fairly literal; the state of Florida is burning, with the words "Til The Bitter End" aside it.  I moved to Miami for 4 years to pursue a relationship, and saw it out to its unfortunate conclusion.  The tattoo is born out of that experience, and I got it to help me put a finishing stamp on what happened there and what brought me back to Long Island.  None of us are perfect, but we can become stronger people if we have reminders of our mistakes and put them to good use to make sure they don't happen again.  This piece, along with most of the work on my body, was done by Chris Koutsis of Da Vinci Tattoo Studio in Wantagh NY.  I told him exactly what I had in mind, and between my ideas and his talents I was very happy with the outcome."
The following is my favorite of the several poems David sent me to choose from:

hello, atmosphere.

I keep the eyes of a rapist in a jar by my bed
walk lightly
for that part of the room is glass
modern-day sorcerer, am I
blueprints and otherworldly photographs in my drawers
beakers and tubes filled with dust
the cold makes it feel like home
and when the mirror talks to me, it only says
"I will wrap you in a sheet before this night is done."
well so says you, my sweet, but look what you've become
all my furniture, ghosts
rooms rife with other lives
no doors
my paintings are stolen from churches and are hanging backwards and are numbered one to infinity.

~ ~ ~

David Jonathan Newman has been a poet and vocalist/lyricist in bands, both on Long Island, NY and in Miami, FL.  He currently is working on a collection of poetry, writes music as a solo artist and has a blog ( where he posts both his solid works and stream of consciousness ideas.  He's been winning poetry contests since 6th grade, and the poem above, "Hello, Atmosphere" won a writing contest at the SUNY College Of Old Westbury which was featured in Harmonia, their on-campus writing publication.

Thanks to David for sharing his tattoo and poem with us here on Tattoosday!

This entry is ©2011 Tattoosday. The poem is reprinted here with the permission of the author.

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The Tattooed Poets Project: Kimberly Mahler

Today's tattooed poet is Kimberly Mahler, who sent along this tattoo:

Kimberly credits this bright colorful work to artist Erik Rieth, co-owner of Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco. The poem below is an unpublished work she is including in a manuscript centered around her raising her 11-year old autistic son, seen in this photo with the tattoo above.

The poem relates to her getting her first tattoo:
Stigmata of Spring

In a room full of men I remove my shirt and lie down.
Feel but don’t meet their gaze.
The needle whirrs a little, a test.

Close my eyes and see mother working at the Singer
December afternoons before bartending nights,
tired of us looking thwarted and poor.

Smell my blood mix with ink and adrenaline.
Arousing to be the object of keen attention.
For hours I am a still nude.

As girls my friends and I would trace letters
on each other’s bare backs with our fingertips.
Excuse to give affection in our parentless homes.

I surrender to the electricity and his tender hands
that sketch and sew an iris and its purple vulva
into my back and blade.  No words. The needle’s hum

is a vow, drowning jerry-rigged lovers and son,
flogging my flaws and scars. To bear the sacred
and taboo: an iris ardent enough to flavor gin.

He cleans and bandages my back like a hurt child.
Instructions, a swirl of pride and empathy,
for now it’s mine to carry, heal, and love.

Eventually, the iris bleeds, crackles, shimmies out nubile,
my stigmata of spring.  It draws the hands of lovers
and my son, who puts his lips to it and whispers “tattoo.”
~ ~ ~

Kimberly included a small photo of the piece in question, as well:

She elaborates:

"The iris was my first tattoo completed in 2007. It was a one session--four hour odyssey of sorts. I had never seen someone get tattooed, and was pondering why Erik was using so much red ink for a purple flower... yep, that was my blood, not ink. Over the years Erik and I developed a friendship and continued work on my shoulder in 2008 and the cherries February 2011.

I know the next one is going to be a large hip/thigh sea dragon piece, but that's a ways off. 

For me to be ready to get a tattoo, three elements have to be in line: my artist Erik has to want and like the idea, I have to be ready (both financially and emotionally) and the time commitment and passion for the design have to be there. When all are in line, it's a magical sort of experience. I give him ideas, he designs the piece and then we get down to work. I couldn't have anyone else do my work now; it just wouldn't be the same. [...] He co-owns a shop in San Francisco that just did a benefit for Japan, raising $7,000. Cool place. Erik and the shop Seven Son Tattoo are both also on Facebook. 

There's definitely a connection between tattooing and writing for me. This is the only poem that I've written that is about tattooing (at least on the surface). However, both writing and getting a tattoo require a leap of sorts: a stepping off of the known. Both require a loss of control which lay the foundation for original art both on the body and the page."
Thanks to Kimberly for sharing her tattoos, poetry and photos with us here on Tattoosday!
Kimberly Mahler’s recent work has appeared in, 5AM, DMQ Review, My Baby Rides the Short Bus anthology, Naugatuck River Review, The International Psychoanalysis Poetry Monday and Cimarron Review.  She recently received a residency at the Ragdale Foundation in Chicago. Kimberly has taught college-level writing and literature in the San Francisco Bay Area for 17 years and is the director of The International Poetry Library of San Francisco She lives on the coast, a few miles north Half Moon Bay, CA with her son Harrison.

This entry is ©2011 Tattoosday. The poem is reprinted here with the permission of the author.

If you are reading this on another web site other than Tattoosday, without attribution, please note that it has been copied without the author's permission and is in violation of copyright laws. Please feel free to visit and read our original content. Please let me know if you saw this elsewhere so I contact the webmaster of the offending site and advise them of this violation in their Terms of Use Agreement.

Tattoo Tuesday V.67

Name and blog name: Tenille Evans //

Age: 27

Occupation: Self employed jewelery designer and fulltime mama.

Age of first tattoo: I had it done for my 21st birthday. It was a pink diamond in my left armpit. The tattoo artist Zoe Windle was a little reluctant to do it, seeing as though it is quite a painful spot for a first tattoo! I figured I didn’t have anything to compare it to yet. I don’t remember it hurting too much but I’m sure that when I get around to getting the other armpit tattooed, I’ll be a much bigger wuss about it.

Favorite tattoo:
An anchor on my right ankle. My only piece of flash, my almost-husband and I both got matching ones on a whim on our third date. It was a bit of a joke that went way too far! Lucky it worked out between us, or it would probably be my least favourite tattoo now!

Featured tattoo/location:
Dead lady with pomegranate and peonies on my right upper arm.

Artist/shop/location of feature tattoo: Heath Nock. Custom Tattoos Sydney, Australia.

1) Tell us about your featured tattoo- is there a background story or special meaning? Why did
you choose this particular piece of art?

This is actually part of what will eventually become a full sleeve. It is a woman holding a pomegranate, inspired by a painting called Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. She is surrounded by a wreath of yew berries and peonies.

It is based around imagery from a John Keats poem called Ode to Melancholy. To be honest, I am actually a bit of a nerd and really love poetry. This poem is about the transience of beauty and the inevitability of all things coming full circle. Without wanting to sound like a pessimist (because I’m not!), it’s really about the inevitability of death. It actually kind of makes sense as a tattoo metaphor. A tattoo is something “permanent” but really, in a larger sense, what does the concept of permanence really mean? In a way, getting tattooed is a way to remind myself of my mortality and be ok with it. Which I think is a lovely, humbling and truthful thing.

I was intended to have a line from the poem put into the banner. But never having got around to it, it’s been empty for 3 years and now I think I like it that way. Heath has also done a skull with a purple rose on my forearm. The two pieces will at some point be joined by some large death’s head moths and maybe some more flowers.

2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where? 

A zombie Guadalupe-style nun on my left calf. This was done by Megan Oliver at Innervision Tattoo in Sydney. No story about it, I just dreamed that I already had it, so I thought there must be a reason, and had it inked!

Roses on my inner right arm. Done by Jeremiah Barba when he was working at Last Rites in NYC.

Two dead swallows on my stomach. Done by Carl Carlson from Diablo Art in Sydney. I had these
done before my pregnancy. They stretched out and have since gone back, completely normal.

Pink Diamond in my left armpit done by Zoe Windle when she was working at Innervision Tattoo in Sydney.

Anchor on my right ankle done by Ryan Ussher when he was at Skin Deep Tattoo in Sydney.

On the side of my right knee, I also have a heart with a banner saying ‘Cash’- my baby son’s name. Very badly done by me! I’ll go over it again at some point. Or maybe get a professional to do it!

3) Do you plan on getting more?

Yes! I would love to have more. The only thing that holds me back is money! Getting tattooed is an expensive hobby. I generally prefer to save up for quality custom work. And it isn’t cheap!

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them? 

My immediate family love them. They are actually now all tattooed themselves! My mum got her first tattoo a few years ago with me in New York City. My dad and three sisters all have one or two each and always talk about getting more. My partner has a few tattoos but doesn’t have any really large pieces....yet! Like me, he’s very keen to get more.

As far as the general community goes, most of the responses I get from people are very positive. People think they look great and are genuinely interested. I do however, get responses and comments even when I haven’t asked for them. This happens often and although I’m pretty tolerant and generally don’t mind talking to people, it can get tiresome sometimes. “Did that hurt?” “Why did you do that?” “What does it mean?” “Did you think about....(whatever)...”

Whenever I’m feeling like I don’t feel want to talk to strangers and answer the same old silly questions, I just cover up. When I choose to do this, it’s just that, my own choice. I’m pretty lucky that I am self-employed and a work from home mama so I can look and dress however I like! In the past though, I have covered up for job interviews, for meetings and for my nanna.

I have had a couple of very negative experiences, the worst being when a man physically grabbed my leg and yelled obscenities at me! I have to shrug those off though, because people who are that offended by somebody else are obviously very unhappy people. Being angry about it only intensifies the negativity. It’s better to forget it and wish those people well.

5) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?

For me, the reason I got my first tattoo is very different to the reason I keep going back and getting more. These reasons are highly subjective and personal for me and your reason for getting tattooed should be as well. Even though Miami Ink would have us think otherwise, it really doesn’t matter WHY you get tattooed. You shouldn’t feel like you need to justify your choices to anyone but yourself. Every tattoo doesn’t need a story to be important.

On the other hand, you should definitely think hard about what you want to put on your skin and why. But, don’t think for too long. It’s just skin. As soon as you take the plunge, you’ll realise it’s not really as big of a deal as you first thought. Yes, it’s going to be on you forever but no one really knows how long that is. Saying that though, make sure whatever artwork you choose to put on your skin is meaningful and truthful to YOU, no one else. Then go for it!