Dear May,

I'm so excited for May's arrival for a huge, long list of reasons...but the first reason is perhaps one of my most favorite, and one of the best days of the year- our wedding anniversary. It's actually on the last day of the month, and I feel like I count down to throughout the entire month! Most years we've been on vacation to celebrate- last year we were in Hawaii and the years before in Vermont and NYC, but this year we may do things a little more low-key. I'm envisioning a picnic for our little family and maybe a date that evening. So excited.

walking into the reception, Mr. and Mrs.!

Other fun May dates? My first Mother's Day, my 29th and GOLDEN birthday on the 29th, and typically it was always the month we had our last day of school too! This year though I won't be celebrating that day, although I'm tempted to pull into the high school, just so I can drive out, windows down, to regain that distinct feeling of freedom.  It was the best, knowing I had an entire summer vacation ahead of me, and I loved that even though I was an adult, I still got to enjoy that luxury. Hank's birthday also feels like it's a part of May too, since it's just three days after mine, on June 1st! We always celebrate together.

rasberry torte
celebrating our birthday in Vermont

35 weeks
getting excited for my first Mother's Day- it's hard to even remember what this felt like!
What a celebratory month, right? I can't wait for all the fun to come. So, here's to May, and here's to a whole lot of celebrating!