5 things I'm loving right now:

1. Maybelline's Coral Crush lipstick. My sister bought me this lipstick as part of my Mother's Day present and I fell in love with its pink (but not too pink), summery color. It's the absolute perfect "daytime" lipstick, and a great alternative to red. And for under $5, you can't go wrong! I love how it looks when applied lightly- almost like a sheer, pink gloss, but it also looks great darker, as shown below on my sister!

2. Greek Yogurt. I've been eating it every single morning for a couple of weeks, and I think it's safe to say I'm addicted!  My favorite way to eat it: spoon it into a bowl and add blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, then top with my favorite granola. It's amazing, and so good for you!

3. Rilo Kiley. I don't know what it is about the impending summer, but every time May/June hits, I find myself listening to "The Execution of All Things" over and over, and over again. That album is PERFECTION to me, and has been the soundtrack to many roadtrips, outings, and warm summer afternoons, driving around with the windows down over the past nine years or so.

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4. Lissy Elle's photostream. In one word: Amazing. Seriously, go check her out. I can't get enough of her dreamy, beautiful photographs.


Seeing Clear

The Magical Mystery Box and Co.

5. Picnics. I think I've gone on four picnics just in the past couple of weeks, and lately nothing has made me happier than enjoying the beautiful outdoors with a good, healthy lunch. I foresee many outdoor dining sessions in our summertime future, and I should also add what a great dining option it is for parents and kiddos!  No need to worry about a fussy baby, and no need to worry about a mess. Simply spread out a huge picnic blanket to contain it, and have fun! 

lunch at Joe's Farm Grill

May Day picnic


May Day picnic

May Day picnic