Giveaway: Samsung SH100 Camera

This past weekend I had the privilege in participating in a super fun project that Samsung is doing during the month of May- The Coast to Coast Photo Post!  Basically they are going from California to New York to promote the launch of a new, awesome product- the SH100 14 Megapixel WiFi Digital Camera.  Samsung contacted a handful of social media influencers around the country, and will be stopping by each of their cities to shoot with them. Samsung will also be meeting up with random people along the way and letting them try out the camera too, so basically it's a huge tour that is documented and shared instantaneously, via the camera! I was one of the people they arranged to meet with, and on Friday, Sarah and I went out to take photos in and around Tempe, Arizona with the SH100.  We met up with the silver Samsung Airstream trailer had SO much fun with the awesome crew. The camera is actually really, really cool, and I love that it takes great photos and video. What's super, super rad is that because it's WiFi enabled, you can share your photos immediately to any social media network, and you can also do automatic, remote PC backup. Love that! It's just such a nice alternative to my bulky D-SLR and great for snapping quick shots on the go.

And one REALLY cool thing? The people they've contacted- the small group of social media influencers they'll be visiting on this tour- have a chance to win a trip to NYC for the Samsung wrap party at the end of this journey. Bascially, Samsung is uploading all of the photos to their "Coast to Coast Photo Post" app on Facebook. The photographer's photo that receives the most "likes" will win the trip!  Sarah has never been to NYC and I of course would LOVE to take her with me, and blog about our entire trip. So much fun.

The folks at Samsung gave me a camera to keep, and lucky you, Samsung is offering a camera to one of YOU, too!

So, here's how this giveaway will work:

1) Visit the Samsung Facebook "Coast to Coast Photo Post" app. In the interactive box, click on the May 6th date (you can click or slide the white ticker to the right) and check out our photos. "Like" each of Sarah and my photos. You'll be able to tell they're the photos we took, because either of our names will come up in the box on the left (see the photo of the app below). Sounds confusing but try it out and see how easy it is.

2) Leave a comment below letting me know you did so, and also leave your name and email address.

So that's it- "like" my photos, and leave your name and email. I'll choose a winner on Monday, May 16th!

For extra entries you can tweet or blog about this giveaway, and leave up to TWO additional comments letting me know.
Use this tweet: GIVEAWAY! Win an awesome WiFi enabled Samsung SH100 Camera via Sometimes Sweet // @danihampton

So ultimately, you have three chances to win this awesome camera! (retail value: $199.99)

Thank you so, so much and good luck to all of us ;) Here's to hoping Sarah and I end up in NYC together, and you end up with a sweet new camera. If you'd like to check out a fun video on the project, see below!

*In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that my time and efforts have been compensated by Samsung for my participation in the Coast to Coast Photo Post campaign, and I was also provided a Samsung SH100 camera. Although I have a material connection to Samsung, any publicly stated opinions of Samsung remain my own.