Henry: 6 months

6 months

Okay so THIS is my favorite age so far. Henry is turning into the biggest ham, the sweetest boy, and every single day his personality emerges a little more. It's just such a joy to wake up to him every morning- to go into his room and see him sitting up, waiting for us to pick him up. He raises his arms when we say "up?" and then give us the sweetest smile. I don't know if my heart could get any bigger. 

He's still exclusively breastfeeding and we haven't introduced anything else yet.  He doesn't use a bottle so it's been all me this entire time, with the exception of about four times. I think we are going to start with rice cereal next week, and go from there. We're definitely taking it slow though, and I'm still planning on breastfeeding until he's at least one.

Henry's reached a lot of milestones this month with the biggest being crawling!  I spoke about it in a previous post- he's been moving for quite some time now, but it's only been in the past couple of weeks he's gotten the crawling down pretty well. Now if I take my eyes off of him for a second he's across the room, it's pretty wild!

As far as sleeping, we went through a few nights last week that were a little difficult but now things are back to him sleeping from 7pm until about 7am.  Sometimes he'll wake up at 5am, and when he does that we'll usually go for an early morning walk and he'll fall back asleep. Henry's taking two naps a day- one anywhere between 9 and 10am and another around 2pm.  Sometimes he'll take three, but lately it's just been the two. And most recently he's been taking 2-3 hour naps at a time.

This month Henry:

has begun to crawl
can fully sit up on his own
can move from sitting to laying down to sitting again easily
can pull himself up to knees and almost to standing
will wake up, pull himself up in his crib and start chewing on the rail
can pick up multiple objects and move them from hand to hand
is "talking" a lot
loves to watch Madeline run and play
can't get enough of "The Isty Bitsy Spider"
rides in his stroller without the carseat
will put his arms up when we say "up"
is still sucking his thumb
self soothes himself back to sleep
is fascinated by clapping hands
loves when his papa tosses him up in the air
is very into "reading" and books
loves his rubber blocks and stacking rings
sleeps either on his side or on his stomach, with his butt in the air
loves to laugh and smile

Henry's 6 months check up is on June 2nd, so I'll share his height and weight changes next week. Right now he's wearing 9 month clothing, but his 9 month pjs are getting a little short on him so I'm thinking he's grown quite a bit!  This may sound silly, but I'm excited for him to get into 12 month sizing- boy clothes are so much cuter from that point on. And speaking of clothes, Henry's Grandma Cheryl got him the cutest outfit for Hawaii and the lake- boardshorts, a tee, and little surfer sandals. Next weekend Henry will be starting swim class at the Y too, and I'm really excited about getting in the water with him and getting him used to it. Hank pretty much grew up on the water every summer and I know once Henry gets a bit older it will be the same.

So, happy six months Henry! I can't believe our little guy is already half a year old. Everyday we fall more in love, and I can't wait to see what the next six months hold.