Let's talk iPhones, shall we? (Part 3)

I've been doing a bit of "digital spring cleaning" around these parts, and I thought it would be a great time to share some more favorite apps from my iPhone- check out parts one and two also!

First up, I've been totally into a great app I originally discovered via Liz's blog, and I've been hooked every since. I've been on the hunt for the perfect sideboard/buffet for our dining room, and CraigsPro lets me search effortlessly any time of the day. It's easy to use and very user-friendly. The only thing I search for on CL is furniture, and I love how you can set a search to use each time you open the app.

The second app I'm loving is the Swayable app. This app allows you to create a "swayable," and post it to any of your social networking sites. I think this app is especially handy for bloggers- it's really simple to operate and provides a way to do a mini-poll of sorts with results in real-time. All you basically do is choose two options, then publish it. If you don't have an iPhone, you can use swayable.com too!

Here's an example I just made, and I'd love it if you would vote.  I'm leaning towards one of these in particular but I'm curious to hear your opinions! All you have to is click. So simple! If you decide to make your own Swayable in a blog post (it's free) link me below.

The third app I've been using lately is Labelbox. It's another fun photo add-on that I like to play around with, and it's an easy way to use super cute labels right on your phone! I used Labelbox to shamelessly promote my blog via Instagram a few weeks ago.

The last app I'm recommending today is SUCH a fun photo app- The Plastic Bullet app! Hank actually gifted it to me the other day, when it was half-price (.99), but I think it's really fun and worth the $1.99 it costs now. Like other photo apps you can upload a photo or take one directly, and it then lets you manipulate the image through the look of vintage, plastic toy cameras. Cool, huh?  I love how easy it is to save your new photo- just press the heart button, and you can keep changing the filter and saving. It's really neat, so thanks sweet husband for this one!

photo 3

 Picnik collage

That's it for today- happy iPhoning! :)