Mama & Baby Style

Hello and happiest Wednesday to all of you!  This is my second post-baby style post, and I'd really like to thank each of you for all your kind words on our first venture. You are all so sweet and made my day with all your nice comments. Thank you (from Henry and me). 

Mama is wearing:

green and white striped dress: Forever 21
gold initial "D" necklace: Anthropologie
Gimmik platforms: c/o Blowfish

Baby is wearing:

striped long sleeved tee: c/o Tea Collection
brown shorts: Target
shoes: Vans

I should also add that I am wearing the loveliest perfume, c/o Kaboodle and Fresh. It's the roller ball scent from the Mother's Day Sugar Delight Gift Set and I'm so in love with it. I've used Fresh products before, but this may just be my favorite scent so far (with the lemon a close second).

This outfit was something I wore out to dinner, and I just wanted to make note that this is not a breast-feeding friendly outfit. I get a lot of questions about how I am able to feed Henry in a lot of the dresses you see me in, and to answer, I don't! I typically only wear those dresses when we'll be out for a few hours and I know I won't have to feed him until we get home. If we'll be out all day and I'll need to feed him while we're out, I'm sure to wear more bf-ing appropriate clothing. I'll try and incorporate some of those outfits into upcoming posts, too!

But for now, here's me, squinting in the sun, in one of my favorite, non-breastfeeding-friendly dresses, perfect for a quick dinner out with my boys! ;)

Mama & Baby style

Mama & Baby style

Have a great day!