smiley boy

smiling back at THAT KID right up there. I mean, look at that grin? How can you not smile?!

shopping around online for ellipticals. Have any of you bought a Precor machine? I think we're leaning that way, but I was curious if any of you had any input.

nursing Hank back to heath after he gets his wisdom teeth out later today. I swear I'm more freaked out than he is. I have a strange phobia with teeth and mouth things, and the idea of them pulling four teeth out of his mouth makes me want to throw up. edit: using the term "nursing back to health" when referring to your husband is kind of weird when you're breastfeeding. haha! Thanks Jess for pointing that out! Totally made me laugh out loud. :)

but, on a happier note, today is also for wishing one of my dear friends Shirley a happy birthday! Every year on Shirley's birthday I recall her 21st and vividly remember that wild and crazy night up in Flagstaff at NAU, and it makes me smile. It's so funny to think back to that evening and think of how much (but also so little!) has changed. We've celebrated a million birthday since then, we've all grown up, and even though we're all very different, we continually make new memories and move forward. I feel so lucky to have had such amazing times with such great girls. Happiest day Shirl girl, I love you! I can't wait to celebrate the big 2-9!

shirley gets air

So, that's my day, how about yours?