Monday, Monday

dog/baby concert
baby/dog concert. don't mind Hank's Suns pj pants ;)

I think this week is going to be a good one. For one, in exactly one week I'll be at the Thao and Mirah show (see the first song below) with some of my girlfriends, so I'm definitely looking forward to that, and two, the overall feel of today is just awesome. Mondays are always a great day for me. When I used to teach I'd enjoy spending Sunday nights getting organized- cooking food for the week, packing lunches, getting my plans ready- and then when Monday rolled around I loved that feeling of being so put-together and ready to face the next week.  Now things are a bit different, but Sundays and Mondays still kind of feel the same.

In the spirit of this Monday, here's a fun playlist of 10 songs to ease you into your week! Enjoy.

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