Musician Monday: Doug from The Sleeping and Gramp's House

This installment of Musician Monday features Doug Robinson, lead singer from the rock band The Sleeping. I ran into Doug last week in Penn Station and stopped him when I saw all of his tattoos.

Doug has had some of his work featured in Tattoo Magazine and is in the current issue of Tattoo Flash, so I was indeed honored when he agreed to share a piece from his right forearm:

Doug explained that this tattoo is based on a logo created by a friend of his, whose grandfather had passed away and left him his house. Doug's friend, along with Doug and three other guys, lived in the house which they dubbed "Gramp's House." The home was, as Doug told me, "a really important place for all of us," and many of them got this logo tattooed, as a tribute to that special place that they all held near and dear.

Doug credited Jelena Nikolic from Lone Wolf Tattoo in Bellmore, Long Island, with this tattoo.

Thanks to Doug for sharing his work with us here on Tattoosday!

Check out The Sleeping's video for "Don't Hold Back":

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