Guest Post: Chelsey from The Paper Mama

Hello Sometimes Sweet readers! I was so very happy (and flattered) when Danielle asked if I'd like to write a guest post while she's off on a little vacation. Of course I'd do it! I'd love to.

If you've ever wandered over to my blog you may have seen a few of my hair tutorials. I'm no hair stylist (that's for sure)... BUT, I do love pretty hair, and WANT pretty hair! That's why I experiment. I see a cute hairstyle... and I have to try it! So, today I'm going to share my Sock Bun hair experiment... It's pretty dang easy and turns out pretty darn cute! I originally found this tutorial while wondering around Pinterest... the original tutorial comes from here.

My hair is naturally VERY straight and pretty thin, so getting a nice thick bun is a bit of a challenge. My buns are always so tiny (hee). My hair also has a mind of it's own. It knows it's super straight and it likes to stay that way. It always sneaks out of hair ties and pins. Naughty.

What you'll need:
- Two hair ties
- Many bobby pins
- 1 sock you don't care cutting up (yes, a sock).
- Scissors
- Hair spray

First: Take the sock you have chosen to sacrifice for this hairstyle and cut off the toe end (I promise the sock wont feel a thing). I recommend a clean sock (;D) and maybe a sock color that is similar to your hair... I went with white and noticed parts of the sock peaking through at the end. Roll your sock into itself so it sort of looks like a tasty sock doughnut.

Second: Using one of your hair ties... pull your hair back into a ponytail. I made a side ponytail.... wherever you place your pony is where the bun will be. Choose wisely. ;)

Third: Take your sock doughnut creation and pull your ponytail through the hole.

Fourth: Evenly pull your ponytail up and around the entire sock doughnut towards your head. This should cover the sock.

Fifth: Put your second hair tie over the doughnut and your hair.

Sixth: Pin the excess hair around the hair tie... and, use hair spray if you need it. I certainly did. I used MANY bobby pins and hairspray.

Seventh: Have a glass of wine because there's an old sock in your hair! Ha! Those were in the original directions. :) It may be the most important step.

And, that's it! I always ask my readers to let me know if they try my hairstyle... I love to see if it works for them too! Happy hair styling! And, thank you Danielle for inviting me into your cozy and sweet bloggy home.