Guest Post: Katie from Katie's Pencil Box

hi friends! this is katie, from katie's pencil box.
thank you so much to danielle for inviting me over!

i thought we could get serious for a second and talk about something that concerns us all. 
red lipstick.

summer is my favorite time for red lips!
although finding a good shade is a bit tricky...especially if you're a ginger like me.
i get asked a lot what brand and color of red i go i thought i would share with you my tried and true go-to's!

although, be forewarned...i'm not really the best gal to get makeup advice from.
truth be told, i'm cheap. i've been known to add water to my mascara to get a little more life out of it. i also am the girl that uses a q-tip and tweezers to get to the bottom of her foundation bottle. i love getting dolled up and indulging my inner girly girl...but i'm just not too fussy about it. i make do...i'm a macgyver with my makeup bag.
and sadly, more times then not, i have lipstick on my teeth...and it's usually pointed out to me when i'm talking about something serious or giving guff to someone. it's my comeuppances!
 oh dear.
that said, my 3 favorite reds right now are all by revlon. so far i've found their reds don't turn magenta on me and they feel simple and light.

this orangey-red coral lipstick is my new favorite! it looks amazing when wearing yellows or blues.
it's just regular old tube lipstick and i think that's one of the things i love about it. there's something so ladylike and classic about carrying around tubes of lipstick.

the fire and ice is a creme lipstick and a bit more red than the coral. i have a pair of old red-tipped shoes that it matches to a t. it's a perfect bridge between a coral and a deep red.

the colorburst lipgloss in fire is the one i wear the most often!
it's such a beautiful and true red! and it covers well without feeling too heavy.

so what's your favorite red lipstick?
i'm still on the hunt for a good color-stay red that doesn't make my lips look crazy and dry. ack!
if anyone has a suggestion please send it my way!
my guys at home with stained lip marks on their cheeks and mouths will thank you!

happy summer, everyone!
i just looked in the mirror and i have lipstick on my chin.

macgyver of my makeup bag.

happy summer, everyone!