Our Weekend (so far), and some links, too!

Happy Saturday! I don't know if I can even express how much I LOVE this weekend. It's the 4th of July here in our small town, and it's one of my favorite times of the year. Our town is home to the "World's Oldest Rodeo," and although we do NOT attend (it makes me too sad), it's still a fun weekend full of tradition and all things patriotic!  Every year we have a huge parade party at one of our family's businesses - it's right in the heart of downtown - and it's wonderful.

Last night we had a big sleepover at our house with my whole family, and yesterday afternoon was great too- Amber and her mama came over to visit and to play with Henry, and they came bearing gifts! A dozen homemade chocolate covered strawberries to be exact. And they were delicious. Later on I ate way too much pizza, playing catch outside, and laughed until my cheeks hurt. Definitely a successful day in my eyes. This morning was the parade (more on this tomorrow), followed by more family time, good food, and a visit from our dear friend Paco.

Auntie Amber

Amber Joy and Lissa









Have a great rest of your weekend, everyone!  Here are a handful of links to check out.

This lady can seriously do no wrong in my eyes. GORGEOUS!

I love Ashley's Lollie DIY. Great idea for all types of get-togethers.

My sweet friend Adie just auditioned for a spin off of Project Runway. So neat!

One of my readers sent me this link - literary greats in bathing suits! I love it.

"How To Talk To Little Girls." A must-read.

I love this take on the simple side ponytail.

Tips for feeding kids. Thanks Tracy!

Aww! This is such a cute proposal.

This dress. I die!

Have you checked out Carly's blog yet? I just adore it.

This post is just so visually beautiful. I love every single photo.

And finally, this cake. Yum.

Have a wonderful Sunday! xoxo