Papa Said V.7

papa said
photo graciously provided via Jess

This week's Papa Said is coming from another one of my fave online pals, Jess!  Jess writes the blog TART, which is full of her and her husband's day to day adventures, living in Hawaii and raising their gorgeous daughter Rowan.  If you're a regular reader, you'll even notice that the Papa Said image up there has been Jess' hubby Derek (and Rowan) all along!  When they agreed to participate in this series I was ecstatic- their family is so cute and I was excited to see what Derek would send over. I really love what he said too- especially number two. And be sure to stop by TART- it's one of my daily reads and Jess does such a great job of documenting Rowan's life and all of the fun they have. Rowan is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen, and another one of those doe-eyed beauties that makes me want to have a little girl, stat!  

Thank you guys, for being a part of Papa Said!

You play drums then change a diaper, work on your vintage cars then kiss a boo boo, put on your leopard high tops then rock a BabyBjorn. Happy Father's Day to the sweetest and coolest papa in the world. You're everything to me and Rowan and we couldn't be luckier. (editor's note: Jess originally sent this over on Father's Day!)

And now here's 3 pieces of advice from Derek:
1) Part of taking care of your kid is taking care of your marriage. Parenting flows better if your general home life does. Happy wife, happy life! 

2) Having a kid is a 24/7 job for both parents. I may be working all day but so is Jess, taking care of Rowan. So when I come home from work we break even and equally take care of her. I don't expect to be pampered and for Jess to continue all the "work"- she needs a break too. You should want to share that work anyway!

3) Don't buy a bunch of toys. They just end up wanting water bottles and cardboard boxes.