Advertise on Sometimes Sweet in September!


I've already started recieving emails about booking spots in September, so if you've been thinking about securing an ad for next month, be sure to contact me asap!  I'd love to have you be a part of Sometimes Sweet as we start getting into the fun fall and pre-holiday season.

In September I'll be continuing my Journal Day series, 9-5, Tattoo Tuesday, a few more Slice ofs, and of course all of my personal posts (with an emphasis on more of them!). There may be a bit more wedding talk than usual, as two of my best friends are set to be married within the next two months!  I have lots of events to share, some special surprises, and tons of new ideas a-brewing.

My XL spots are booked until 2012, but I do still have some large and small spots available. Be sure to check out my ad info page!

Have a great evening!