Friday links to love!

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{us, at a wedding while on vacation. I'm still editing photos, but I'll share next week!}

Hello, happy Friday! Today is a special/sad/exciting day for me because this afternoon I fly out to California for a girl's weekend! One of my dear friends Shirley is getting married in a couple of months so this weekend is her bachelorette party extravaganza. I'm gearing up for good food, drinks, beach and pool time, and tons of catching up with my college girlfriends. The sad part though? Leaving my baby for the first time. I know he'll be in great hands- Hank is such a wonderful Dad- but I'm just sad thinking about not seeing him first thing in the morning, not having all of my Henry cuddles throughout the day, no bathtime, no storytime, you get the point. Granted, it's only until Sunday but it seems like a long time to me. In preparation I've been pumping like crazy and our freezer is chock full of milk ready to go. So wish me luck (and Hank too)!

In the meantime, here are some links to enjoy:

I am loving these pennants! Henry needs one for sure.

"Things That Kill People More Than Sharks." Whoa.

Clickety-click to read about at-home, DIY beauty products.

Like cute things to make your photos pretty? How about free, cute things to make your photos pretty? Love these. Thanks Vanessa!

This song.

If you have daughter I think she may just need one of these for her hair. Too cute.

I will always share links about old circus photos. It's kind of a rule. However, circuses in general make me sad.

This post is just plain inspiring to me. So visually pleasing.

A quote on a clock that makes so much sense!

"Hey, that's a nice 'teenage lobotomy pendant necklace.'" Did the name draw you in already? So neat.

You may already know one of my fave blogging pals (and daddy blogger extraordinaire) Don. But did you know he had a shop? Adorable onesies, tees, and art.

Oh, Tracy. Every week I feel like I share a recipe of hers, I can't get enough. And how good do these cream cheese cinnamon rolls look? (you had me at cream cheese!)

There are still a few weeks of summer left! It's not too late to make an ice cream terrine, and impress all your friends. I promise I won't tell them how easy it is.

Pregnancy superfoods by my fave fitness blogger!

I love Seesaw. I love Jason Wu. I love this post.

H&M's video for their kid's fall line is all sorts of adorable.

And here are a couple blogs I'm extra-loving this week: one (always) and two (love me some Lola Birdie).

Happy weekend!