Thankful on a Sunday (a good day turned bad, turned good again).


Today's been one of those days. It started off innocently enough- we woke up early, got the three of us ready to head to breakfast and the grocery store, normal Sunday stuff.  When I got out of bed I was in great spirits, coming off of yesterday's glorious Autumn day, but as the day went on I found a bit of irritability seeping into everything I did and said.  I kind of hate when I feel like this, because everything starts to annoy me. It's not fun. So I got kind of quiet and tried my hardest not to ruin everyone else's day too, which as I'm sure you can relate, is all too easy to do.

We got home in time for the 10am Cardinals game, set out some coffee cups and donuts for Hank and his friends in preparation for our weekly Sunday football get-together, then I booked it to the gym. I know myself all too well, and I knew that when I feel like this, the only thing that snaps me out of my funk is some good music, hard cardio, and lots of lifting.

I spent the next two hours ellipticalling and running and lifting and stretching and staring off into space while rudely occupying a weight machine, I'm sure. But guess what? I left feeling GOOD.

So I came home and tried to get a little writing done. I made a quiche. I played with little Henry (even though he was much more interested in playing with all of our friends who were over). I spent time with one of my sweetest girlfriends Adie, sitting at my kitchen counter.  We laughed, we talked, we avoided eating donuts, we made ridiculous jokes about "melting butter in a Dutch oven" (had to be there, I guess). I felt good. And so much better.

After our friends all went home we gave Henry a long bath in our big tub, then got him ready for bed and said goodnight. Now we sit here relaxing and I'm so happy that my good day turned bad day, turned out to be such a good day.

And what better way to end a good-bad-good day then to make a gratitude list?

Today I am so thankful for:

Whole Living magazine and their pages of endless inspiration
little feet. and hands. and noses.
Natalie and my girly sleepover and Christmas party we're planning
sliding around in socks on our tile floors
Henry's almost-talking-yet-not-quite amazing-ness
Quorn products (thank you, Michelle!)
knowing that my bad moods will always turn good again
running into old high school friends after 8+ years, and laughing and talking like no time had passed
pizza with half tomato/half pesto sauce
birthday party planning fun
being a bridesmaid in my dear friend Shirley's wedding this next weekend
finding great Payless!
the Halloween Party station on Pandora
mini-Heirloom tomatoes in every salad
my husband who makes me laugh all day long
and CHEESE! (gouda, specifically)

How about you? I'd love it if you'd join me, so feel free to link me in the comments. xoxo