Dear Henry,

Happy birthday sweet boy!

This past year has been, without a doubt, the very best year of my entire life. I've learned so much, and it's gone behind just figuring out this new role. I feel like I've really come into myself, figured out my purpose, and became who I was supposed to be all along. It's been the craziest, yet most fulfilling journey I could ever be on, and I am so thankful for each step of the way, from the sleepless nights spent rocking you back to sleep, to the early mornings full of baby laughs and cuddles.

People say that a baby changes everything. And it really does. It's changed the way I see the world. Now, instead of thinking of myself, I think of you. Instead of getting caught up in inconsequential things, being your Mom has allowed me to see the bigger picture, because really, you are the truest reminder of what really matters. Every single morning I wake up with a thankful heart. I am so grateful to be able to stay home with you and spend each day exploring, growing, and learning by your side, but most of all, I am just thankful to be your mama.

I read somewhere that a certain culture believes that the baby chooses its mother before he or she is born. That the baby knows how much its parents need him, and arrives in order to teach them all the ways of the world. I like that. One year ago today our life changed for the better, and that was all because of you. Sure, our role is to teach you everything we can, but I often think that you are teaching us far more than we could have every imagined.

Today, on your first birthday, I sit here typing as you push your cars around the kitchen, stopping to laugh at Madeline and marvel at the funny sounds the wheels make. It's hard to believe that a year ago today, almost to the minute, you arrived. That moment is a distinct marker in our life- a true defining moment. Your Dad and I grew from the two of us, to a family of three on that perfect morning, and I am so thankful for that day, for you, and for every bit of joy you've brought into our lives.

We love you so much Henry. Happy first birthday!


If you'd like, you can read Henry's birth story, his birthday one year ago in photos, or more of my Dear Henry letters too.  His one-year checkup is next week, so I'll be sharing his 12-month update then, along with a look at all of his monthly photos.

Below is the video of Henry's first year that I showed at his birthday party this past Saturday (there's an option to view it larger too). Enjoy, and thank you all so very much for being such a special part of our life and specifically this past year, through this little blog. It's so neat to have you along for the ride!